Genesis, Geology And The Grand Canyon -- By: Gary R. Gromacki

Journal: Journal of Ministry and Theology
Volume: JMAT 012:2 (Fall 2008)
Article: Genesis, Geology And The Grand Canyon
Author: Gary R. Gromacki

Genesis, Geology And The Grand Canyon

Gary R. Gromacki

Associate Professor of Bible and Homiletics

Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

In June of 2008 I traveled by motorized boat 187 miles down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with 28 Bible teachers and creation scientists. Tom Vail of Canyon Ministries1 led our adventure. Terry Mortenson and Andrew Snelling, with Answers in Genesis2 , gave lectures on the age of the earth as well as the geology of the Grand Canyon. Our group started the rafting trip at Lee’s Ferry. We went through Marble Canyon and then through the Grand Canyon. Some highlights of the trip for me included rafting the rapids in the Colorado River, viewing the rock strata in the canyon, visiting some Anasazi ruins, seeing a petrified log, seeing fossils at Redwall Cavern, jumping into the pool at Elves Chasm, listening to a teacher read Genesis 1 in the inner gorge, floating down the Little Colorado River, hiking through the slot canyon at Matkatamiba, surviving Lava Falls rapids, praying as a group to start each day, and taking a helicopter ride out of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. Over five million visitors travel there each year to experience its breathtaking beauty. It

is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.3 The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona contains one of the most exceptional series of exposed rock formations found anywhere in the world. The sequence of rock layers in the canyon vary in color and thickness and extend from the Colorado River to the Kaibab Plateau. The Grand Canyon is approximately one mile deep and extends 278 miles between Lake Powell on its eastern end and Lake Mead to the west. The Colorado River meanders through the Grand Canyon.4

In this article we will examine the question of the age of the earth as we study the book of Genesis, geology, and the Grand Canyon. How old is the earth? How was the Grand Canyon formed? Do the rock layers of the Grand Canyon prove that the earth is old? Is Genesis opposed to geology? Does Genesis teach us anything about the age of the earth? How have Bible scholars and creation scientists interpreted Genesis, geology and the Grand Canyon? This paper will attempt to answer these questions regarding the Bible and science.

The Grand Canyon And The Age Of The Earth

How long ago was the Grand Canyon formed?

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