Articles by Dan Lioy

Progressive Covenantalism as an Integrating Motif of ScriptureCONSPECTUS 01:1 (Mar 2006)
Checkmating the Human Drive for LifeCONSPECTUS 02:1 (Sep 2006)
The Unique Status of Jesus as the Divine Messiah: An Exegetical and Theological Analysis of Mark 1:1, 9-13CONSPECTUS 03:1 (Mar 2007)
The Moral Law from a Christ-centered Perspective: A Canonical and Integrative ApproachCONSPECTUS 03:1 (Mar 2007)
Jesus as Torah in John 2:1-22CONSPECTUS 04:1 (Mar 2007)
The Heart of the Prosperity Gospel: Self or the Savior?CONSPECTUS 04:1 (Mar 2007)
Teach Us To Number Our Days: An Exegetical And Theological Analysis Of Psalm 90CONSPECTUS 05:1 (Mar 2008)
The Divine Sabotage: An Exegetical And Theological Study Of Ecclesiastes 3CONSPECTUS 05:1 (Mar 2008)
The Biblical Concept of Truth in the Fourth GospelCONSPECTUS 06:1 (Sep 2008)
The Faith Journey Of Paul: An Exegetical Analysis Of Philippians 3:1-14CONSPECTUS 07:1 (Mar 2009)
Divine Wisdom Versus Human Wisdom: An Exegetical-Theological Analysis Of 1 Corinthians 1:10-2:16CONSPECTUS 08:1 (Sep 2009)
From Zenith To Zero: A Historical-Theological Analysis Of The Demise Of The Kingdom Of David And SolomonCONSPECTUS 09:1 (Mar 2010)
An Evolutionary Creationist Process for the Origin of HumanityCONSPECTUS 11:1 (Mar 2011)
Jesus’ Resurrection and the Nature of the Believer’s Resurrection Body (1 Cor 15:1-58)CONSPECTUS 12:1 (Sep 2011)
A Comparative Analysis Of The Song Of Moses And Paul’s Speech To The AtheniansCONSPECTUS 16:1 (Sep 2013)
New Creation Theology In 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2CONSPECTUS 17:1 (Mar 2014)
Opposing Satan, The Counterfeit WordCONSPECTUS 18:1 (Sep 2014)
Paul’s Apocalyptic Interpretation Of Reality: A Case Study Analysis Of Ephesians 1:15-23CONSPECTUS 19:1 (Mar 2015)
Paul’s Theology Of The Cross: A Case Study Analysis Of 2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10CONSPECTUS 20:1 (Sep 2015)
Putting The Letter From James In Its Place: A Candid Assessment Of Its Continuing Theological ValueCONSPECTUS 21:1 (Mar 2016)
A Comparative Analysis Of Psalm 1 And The Beatitudes In Matthew 5:3-12CONSPECTUS 22:1 (Sep 2016)
One Saviour And Two Responses: A Comparison And Analysis Of Luke 18:18-30 And 19:1-10CONSPECTUS 23:1 (Mar 2017)
Part One: Offering Praise To God: A Literary And Descriptive Analysis Of Psalm 148CONSPECTUS 24:1 (Sep 2017)
Part Two: Affirming God’s Majesty In Creation: A Literary And Descriptive Analysis Of Psalm 104CONSPECTUS 24:1 (Sep 2017)
The Supreme Importance Of Promoting Equity, Kindness, And Humility: A Descriptive And Comparative Analysis Of Micah 6:1–16 And 1 Corinthians 13:1–13CONSPECTUS 25:1 (Mar 2018)
Lutheran And Reformed Theology In ConversationCONSPECTUS 27:1 (Mar 2019)
Spiritual Care In A Medical Setting: Do We Really Need It?GJCT 03:2 (Nov 2002)