Theological Journals

The Theological Journal Library is our most popular product. We have 33 conservative, evangelical theological journals available in Wordsearch, Accordance and Online. To see the complete list, click here.

Read about the online subscription, or visit the Wordsearch or Accordance websites to purchase those versions.

Bible Study Resources

In addition to journals, we have several commentary and theology resources available in Wordsearch by John F. Walvoord, Tom Constable, ....

ePub Conversion

Now that digital books are outselling print books, it's time to get your books into the ePub and Kindle format. We've been digitizing books and theological journals since 1994, so we have lots of experience, are very efficient, and would love to help you with your project.

Scripture Index Service

Creating scripture indexes is a painful process, but we have developed software that can speed that up considerably. Once your document is ready to go to the printer, send it to us and we'll send it back with the scripture index completed. If you need help formatting your book to get it ready for the printer, we can do that too.