Theological Journals

What are Theological Journals?

Theological Journals are a tremendous resource for Biblical studies. But copies of Theological Journals are difficult to find, impossible to buy, and even if you are fortunate enough to have a library of journals in print form, they take up lots of shelf space. Plus, finding the topic or Bible passage you are interested in is difficult, to say the least.

We've been digitizing theological journals since 1994 and now have over 800 volumes in the collection... Plus we add 50 new volumes each year..... They are available for WordSearch, Accordance, and now we have a web based version available to schools and individuals.

The Theological Journal Library Online

Online subscriptions are only $50 per year. Try out the online version by using the menu on the left. All the features work. You will just be limited to viewing the first couple of pages in each article unless you have a subscription.

Integration with

If you use the study environment, your journals are integrated with that, and you can search and read journal articles inside the environment. Check it out.

The Theological Journal Library CDs

The Theological Journal Library collection is our flagship product. And customers are constantly telling us it is the best resource in their library.

Notes from users:

I have purchased many Libronix books, your theological journal collections are by far the most valuable and helpful - better than commentaries as it is the cutting edge in scholarly work. Thank you for all your work, it is truly a blessing.


I want to thank you for providing such an important product as the Theological Journals Project. We are all aware how important it is for doctors and others to keep up on new developments in their fields. They do it through their professional journals. Now Pastors and others can keep current with Biblical scholarship thanks to your efforts. Since computer searching through these journals is so very easy, I have made that search an integral part of my sermon preparation each week. Thank you for helping me proclaim God's Word in a richer, deeper fashion.

Rev. Rupert Loyd Jr.

I can't begin to tell you how helpful this resource has been. I started with Vol. 5, I think. I'll be reading a book and come across one of the journals in a footnote and learn more in an instant by looking up the article. It also works the other way around. I find it is faster to get started on a new topic by reading a few journal articles and then selecting the books I will read.

It has also been a very practical help. I was scanning for something to read at lunch just after Vol. 10 came out. I saw Daniel Wallace's article on Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus" and decided on that. Two days later at a birthday party for one of our members, one of the pastors (I am just an amateur Bible scholar - I work to read) asked me about handling the adultress pericope in John as he was preaching through this Gospel. It was such a timely help to be able to give him the article.

Also, the Sunday after the election, I committed to working with a member on a political church discussion group in the coming year. How great it was to open up SBJT 11:4 and see a whole issue dedicated to church and state.

Thank you for all your efforts in this cause,

Greg B