BibleScript was the product that started Galaxie Software back in 1991. That's why the Galaxie logo is a 5 1/4 floppy disk! It was one of the most popular Greek and Hebrew font packages for 20 years.

We updated it a few years ago to handle unicode using the Tavultesoft Keyman keyboard program. But because of changes in Windows Vista and Tavultesoft's licensing model, we've decided to discontinue selling and supporting BibleScript.

However, if you use the Tavultesoft program, you can download the Galaxie keyboards from their site and continue to use the layout you are accustomed to. Just click the link on the right to go to their site.

Download BibleScript Fonts and Word Template

Includes fonts and MS Word template for typing right to left in hebrew and converting most other Greek and Hebrew fonts to unicode.

Copy the fonts to your fonts folder and copy the file to your C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates folder. If you have modified your with macros and styles, then don't replace it. Import the macro projects to your existing

Mac Word users go to Tools, Templates and Add-ins. You will see two lists... one for the open document and one for your normal.dotm file. Close the open document, open the you just downloaded above and import your macro project items into your normal.dotm file. Then go to View, Toolbars, and check the Galaxie toolbar. that will pop up a toolbar with a convert fonts button. Click the button and you can run the font conversion macros.

If you have questions about using BibleScript, check out the forums. 

Keyboard Layouts