Introduction to the Current Issue -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 10:0 (NA 1977)
Article: Introduction to the Current Issue
Author: Anonymous

Introduction to the Current Issue

The 1977 issue of the Ashland Theological Bulletin is comprised of a single article representing the results of thorough and comprehensive research and reflection by a member of the Ashland Theological Seminary faculty. “Trine Communion” as a ritual concept and practice is of particular interest to the entire spectrum of Brethren bodies specifically and Anabaptist-oriented groups generally. Interestingly, the statement presented here has developed from the research and thought of a Reformed scholar who has been brought into proximity to Brethren practice by his teaching appointment at the seminary. Brethren groups especially will be interested in Dr. Kickasola’s findings, stimulated in their studies of the subject, and challenged in their observance of communion rites.

Joseph N. Kickasola, Ph.D., is a graduate of Houghton College, B.A., Westminster Theological Seminary, B.D., and Brandeis University, M.A. and Ph.D. At Brandeis University Dr. Kickasola was a National Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow (1970–71) while working toward the completion of a doctoral degree in Egyptology. The writer has been involved in pastoral ministry with the Methodist Church in New York and New Jersey. He pastored in Philadelphia under assignment with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the denomination of his present affiliation. Dr. Kickasola has been on the faculty of Ashland Theological Seminary since 1971, serving in the Department of Old Testament. He has traveled in Israel and Italy in broadening his experience relative to his profession. Dr. and Mrs. Kickasola and their three children live in Ashland.

It was originally planned that this article be published in May, 1977; however, the fields of possibility for the writer relative to the subject continued to expand and the issues involved called for sharper definition so that publication has been postponed until June, 1978.

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