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Journal: Bulletin for Biblical Research
Volume: BBR 23:3 (NA 2013)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Martti Nissinen, ed. Congress Volume Helsinki 2010. VTSup 148. Leiden: Brill, 2012. Pp. xvi + 567. ISBN 978-9004-20514-7. $243.00 cloth.

This volume contains a collection of papers presented at the 60th anniversary of the Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT), held August 1-6 in Helsinki, Finland, and convened under the presidency of Raija Sollamo. Since this marked the 20th Congress, the program was designed to reflect a variety of the special interests in OT studies in Helsinki, including archaeology and textual studies, focusing on the Septuagint and Qumran, as well as the Deuteronomistic History. This volume is comprised of most of the main papers presented in the IOSOT Congress, including: Raija Sollamo, “Why Translation Technique and Literalness Again? The Renderings of the Infinitive Absolute in the Septuagint of Jeremiah” (pp. 1-20); Angelika Berlejung, “The Assyrians in the West: Assyrianization, Colonialism, Indifference, or Development Policy?” (pp. 21-60); Lester L. Grabbe, “Omri and Son, Incorporated: The Business of History” (pp. 61-83); Raz Kletter, “Yavneh, Pierre Menard and the Bible” (pp. 85-115); Jan Dušek, “Archaeology and Texts in the Persian Period: Focus on Sanballat” (pp. 117-32); Diana Edelman, “Apples and Oranges: Textual and Archaeological Evidence for Reconstructing the History of Yehud in the Persian Period” (pp. 133-44); Oded Lipschits, “Between Archaeology and Text: A Reevaluation of the Development Process of Jerusalem in the Persian Period” (pp. 145-65); Sidnie White Crawford, “Scribal Traditions in the Pentateuch and the History of the Early Second Temple Period” (pp. 167-84); Anneli Aejmelaeus, “How to Reach the Old Greek in 1 Samuel and What to Do with It” (pp. 185-205); Pancratius C. Beentjes, “What about Apocalypticism in the Book of Ben Sira?” (pp. 207-27); Benjamin G. Wright III, “Conflicted Boundaries: Ben Sira, Sage and Seer” (pp. 229-53); Michael A. Knibb, “Enoch and Wisdom: Reflections on the Character of the Book of Parables” (pp. 255-76); Tetsuo Yamaga, “Anti-Treaty Theology of the Chronicler and His View of History” (pp. 277-306); Gary N. Knoppers, “The Relationship of the Deuteronomistic History to Chronicles: Was the Chronicler a Deuteronomist” (pp. 307-41); Rainer Albertz, “Deuteronomistic History and the Heritage of the Prophets” (pp. 343-67); Konrad Schmid, “The Deuteronomistic Image of History as Interpretive Device in the Second Temple Period: Towards a Long-Term Interpretation of ‘Deuteronomism’” (pp. 369-88); Uwe Becker, “Die sogenannte deuteronomistische Redaktion der Prophetenbücher” (pp. 389-99); Steven L. McKenzie, “The Still Elusive Deuteronomists” (pp. 401-...

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