Emanuel Swedenborg Part 1 -- By: Harry Bultema

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 096:383 (Jul 1939)
Article: Emanuel Swedenborg Part 1
Author: Harry Bultema

Emanuel Swedenborg
Part 1

Harry Bultema


The world at large does not know the eerie and creepy “celestial” visions of Emanuel Swedenborg. He has of late been elevated to the rank of a great inventor. His many inventions, it is claimed, included the first airplane design, the first submarine that could “do great damage to the fleet of the enemy,” the first machine gun that could spit seventy bullets without reloading, and the first airpump to employ mercury. It is also claimed that he invented the steam engine, the ear trumpet, and new mining apparatus. He arrived at the theory of nebular hypothesis before Kant and Laplace, and made many other scientific discoveries far ahead of his time. Without a doubt Swedenborg was a genius, but a very erratic genius. He published work on higher mathematics, chemistry, engineering, metallurgy, anatomy, physiology, and philosophy. At an advanced age he turned theologian and “seer,” and it is as such that he is critically examined in the following pages.1

A False Prophet

Emanuel Swedenborg was born at Stockholm, January 29 of the year 1688. It is therefore two hundred and fifty-one years ago that this remarkable man was born. Celebrated men like Emerson, De Balzac, Coleridge, Phillips Brooks, Kant, Jung Stillung, and others, have paid tributes to his

genius. His long life is divided in two parts. Until the age of fifty-five he led an active life as a man of science. At that age he discontinued his strictly scientific pursuits and began his work as a religious writer and reformer. He died in London at the goodly age of 84 years, fully convinced to the end that God had made him by revelation and by visions the founder of the New Jerusalem Church.

I am deeply convinced that this learned and talented man was a false prophet, and a tool of Satan, and as we now turn the searchlight of the truth on him we shall indubitably prove him to be such. His works are found in practically every city library, which ought to facilitate the verifying of what is stated here from him, and against his evil principles. He was undoubtedly a sincere man, but be was sincerely wrong in practically all his theological and moral principles.

William White, one of his many biographers, claims that Swedenborg starts with the assumption that the Scripture is in very truth the Word of God; that every syllable and expression therein are His. This sounds real good, but it is alas far from the truth. So far from this being the truth, the very opposite is the truth.

1) Swendenborg rejects nearly one-half of the Bible

He has made...

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