Greetings and Testimonials to Bibliotheca Sacra -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 100:398 (Apr 1943)
Article: Greetings and Testimonials to Bibliotheca Sacra
Author: Anonymous

Greetings and Testimonials to Bibliotheca Sacra

Part 1

“Allow me also to extend to you my sincere congratulations upon the One Hundredth Anniversary of this splendid Quarterly. Yours is a great tradition of scholastic dignity, and it is a joy and inspiration to us to know it is being carried forward in behalf of our conservative faith. May I wish for you...every success as you face forward into these days. May the Quarterly continue to bear its great testimony until our Lord returns.”

W. Theodore Taylor, Th.D.,
Pastor of Central Baptist Church, New York

“It has been a satisfaction to me to have been a contributor of some articles to Bibliotheca Sacra, a publication which I had always looked upon with great respect. Like the American Biblical Repository, Bibliotheca Sacra has always been both ‘learned’ and ‘weighty,’ and it has always (for which we cannot be too thankful) borne consistent and conservative Biblical and theological testimony. You, and all those now responsible for Bibliotheca Sacra, are heartily to be congratulated on this most interesting and significant anniversary, which marks a milestone in the record of American theological scholarship.”

William Samuel Bishop, D.D.,
Formerly Examining Chaplain, Diocese of Washington

“Please accept our heartiest congratulations upon the splendid achievement of Bibliotheca Sacra. I think it is a wonderful thing to be the Editor of a theological Quarterly that has had an unbroken history for 100 years. I predict that so long as this Quarterly exalts Christ and is true to the Word of God, it will have an increasing influence throughout the coming years.”

Gordon Palmer, D.D.,
President of the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“It is a privilege to send a word of greeting and congratulation on the Centennial of Bibliotheca Sacra. This publication has indeed had a long and honorable history. Together with its related publications it surely has exerted an influence in the Christian life of America which men cannot measure. I am glad that it is in the hands of those who are consecrated to the cause of evangelical and Biblical scholarship.”

Frank E. Gaebelein, Litt.D.,
Headmaster of the Stony Brook School, Long Island

“It would be a pleasure for me to visit Dallas and join personally in any exercises you may be planning, but distance and expense forbid. Allow me, therefore, by correspondence to congratulate you and all who are concerned in the publication of this quarterly upon its becoming a century old, and upon the magn...

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