Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra” -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 100:399 (Jul 1943)
Article: Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra”
Author: Anonymous

Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra”

“When Christian Faith and Life ceased publication I was transferred to the subscription list of the Bibliotheca Sacra. I have read and reread again every issue with great profit. Many attacks are made on fundamentalists that they are deficient in scholarship, but Bibliotheca Sacra gives the lie to that accusation and we are thankful for it. Another danger of conservative theologians has been that they have been very often led into side issues and in their defence of their side issues have severed themselves from fellow Christians with whom otherwise they would be in harmony. Bibliotheca Sacra, while not closing its pages to constructive new thought, has not fallen into this error, but keeps on justifying and reiterating the great evangelical truths which should bind all conservative theologians together. May God permit that they may long continue this policy and go on edifying the servants of God.”

George Dolman, L.Th.,
Elmswell Rectory, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

“Please accept my heartiest congratulations upon the celebration of the Centennial of the publication of Bibliotheca Sacra. The magazine holds a large place in my studies, and, under the blessing of God, fills a great need in a really studious minister’s life. It should be in the hands of every minister throughout the country. May the Lord strengthen both your hearts and hands in the publishing of this very excellent magazine.”

W. S. Hottel,
President of the Denver (Col.) Bible Institute

“May my deep appreciation for the wonderful Sacra. It has been a source of great help and blessing to me.”

E. A. Halleen, D.D.,
President of the Evangelical Free Church of America

“Along with my renewal for Bibliotheca Sacra for 1943 it gives me great pleasure to say another word of praise for such a worthy theological quarterly. My subscription began with the first issue put out by the Dallas Seminary in 1934 and I value the complete set to date of 36 volumes more than words can express. For those who are seeking Biblical help that is safe, sane and scholarly, I am sure there is nothing in publications today that can surpass it.... May the Lord continue to bless this fine ministry to the Bible students of this generation and may its influence spread to many others, is my prayer.”

Fred A. Flora,
Pastor, First Church of the Brethren, Los Angeles

“Most hearty congratulations on the publication of your centennial issue. This splendid achievement is, to my mind, the strongest testimony to the wis...

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