Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 100:400 (Oct 1943)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


In Memoriam

In naught is the world more schooled than in the adjustments it must make to the passing of those with whom they have lived here on the earth, and in naught is the world less schooled than in the understanding of the great reality which death presents. However to an instructed Christian the fact of death is accepted as a release and the Apostle’s words “To depart and be with Christ is far better” are received as the declaration of that which is true as estimated by God Himself. Those who have come to know God and His Christ while in this world are those who are most blessed when ushered into the divine Presence on high.

These words are written with thought centered upon the late Doctor Alexander Brown Winchester of Toronto who on September 5th passed on to be with the Saviour he adored. Because of most unusual intimacy which he sustained to Christ, he above many others rejoiced to see his Lord face to face.

With great faithfulness, genuine scholarship, spiritual sanity, and natural endowments Dr. Winchester moved in his long lifetime into the deeper understanding of God’s Word. Having gained the right method of interpretation of the Scriptures he advanced, as all might do, into a surpassing knowledge of God’s great realities of truth. He became rightfully a teacher of teachers, and while his ministry did not under God move in the direction of writing, he became known throughout the English-speaking world for his peculiarly penetrating and uplifting preaching and teaching. Added to this was a rare service which he rendered as a missionary for two years in China.

It was in the days of his missionary service that Dr. Winchester came into possession of the key which unlocks

the richest treasures of the divine revelation and after this wise: He had gone out schooled after the tradition of those who attend the seminary and yet neglect the most vital things of God’s Word-especially concerning things to come. Dr. Winchester was ready to defend with all his marvelous ability the then traditional postmillennial theory. While on an evangelizing tour into distant territory in China he came upon a community where no missionary had been, but where one native man lived who by some providence of God had many years before become possessed of a Bible in the Chinese language. No human instructor had molded his thought or stimulated prejudices in his mind. He welcomed Dr. Winchester with great joy and soon the Doctor realized he was privileged to investigate into the rare experience of one who had, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit alone, come to a very clear understanding of revealed truth. In the midst of the native’s testimony respecting the salvation he ...

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