Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra” -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 100:400 (Oct 1943)
Article: Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra”
Author: Anonymous

Greetings and Testimonials to “Bibliotheca Sacra”

“Congratulations are in order to Bibliotheca Sacra on the attainment of its centenary... To the editors and to all who have had part in its production we would like to pass on our congratulations, and our best wishes as they go on to the second centennial milestone... Its editorial policy has been broad, based on the great doctrines and standards of the Christian Church. The spirit of evangelicalism has permeated its pages and the whole Bible for the whole world’s needs has been consistently set forth.”

The Evangelical Christian, June, 1943

Bibliotheca Sacra celebrates its centenary in a magnificent gold-bound volume. Its history and ancestry are traced in detail by the associate editor, and the heads of departments in Dallas Theological Seminary cantribute articles on matters arising within their specialisms. One thus obtains a conjunct view of the special theological position of the Seminary.”

The Evangelical Quarterly, July, 1943

“State Press is in receipt of a very handsomely printed volume of Bibliotheca Sacra... The existence of the magazine in Dallas will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many Texans. Yet it has been published here for a decade and contributes much to the distinction of community and state as a publication denter.”

The Dallas News, January 21, 1948

“We have nothing in this country just like it. The authority it carries and the sanctified scholarship discernible on every page make it a prize for the bookshelf, to be taken down ofttimes and reread.”

J. Y. Duffy
Birkdale, Southport, Lancaster, England

“It has been in my mind to write you and add my congratulations and good wishes to those reaching you in connection with this year’s Bibliotheca Sacra celebration. May the Journal have a more blessed and fruitful ministry than even that which has characterized it in the past.”

S. W. Murray,
Rosetta, Belfast, North Ireland

“My morning mail brought to me a copy of the centennial number of the Bibliotheca Sacra. I opened it avidly and read much of its contents with no less enthusiasm. I want to congratuate you upon this fine, dignified publication. It will be a landmark in the annals of American theological and biblical literature, and out of my heart I thank you for it.”

Charles W. Kitto, D.D.,
Pastor, Calvary Methodist Church, Philadelphia

“Trusting you shall have the joy of ever increasing and widening in the usefulness of this very excelle...

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