Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 101:401 (Jan 1944)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


Anniversary Past

The 100th anniversary year for this quarterly is past and there has been very encouraging recognition of the unique history and ministry of the magazine. We are grateful for every word of commendation. Especial notice has been given in almost every editorial of the present specific field into which Bibliotheca Sacra has entered, namely, that of offering connected and systematic courses of study and reading for those who desire seriously to progress in the things of God. We know of no other effort of this kind. Many magazines have and do offer well-prepared articles on a great variety of themes and this ministry serves a good purpose; but every well-informed educator knows that nothing can be substituted for systematic and orderly consideration of any great field of investigation. The Centennial year with its unusual publicity for the journal has enlisted many new subscribers; yet there are thousands of sincere ministers and Bible students who do not know of the opportunity which this magazine provides. Nothing ever equals in effectiveness the sincere commendation of the magazine to others by those who are being benefited by it. This might be undertaken as a Christian service in behalf of those who need the quarterly. It need not be left on the low lines of merely building a subscription list.

Congress on Prophecy

A notable week has been spent in the great city of New York when upwards of twenty-five of America’s well-prepared teachers and preachers have expounded the prophetic portions of the Word of God. The Congress was the second annual and was arranged by the American Board of Missions to the Jews with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The sessions were held all day and evening for eight days in the spacious Calvary Baptist Church.

The present emphasis upon prophecy is not only timely in view of tragic and unprecedented world-conditions, but is significant as well. A distinct word was given Daniel respecting the sealing of prophecy until the end of time. The implication is that prophecy will be unsealed when that time shall come. Thoughtless men have intimated that only speculative and unstable minds are devoted to divine prediction. This is not true, though prophecy has always suffered at the hands of uninformed people. Since prediction is as definitely a part of the Sacred Text as history or any other theme, it becomes men of learning and stability to dwell much on these great predicted events which are evidently soon to come to pass. A noticeable feature of this Congress was the large number of preachers who were in attendance. This is a good omen. The Dallas Seminary furnished from its faculty three of the lecturers and could easily have furnished as many more. This fact bu...

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