Exegetical Studies in Zechariah -- By: Charles Lee Feinberg

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 102:405 (Jan 1945)
Article: Exegetical Studies in Zechariah
Author: Charles Lee Feinberg

Exegetical Studies in Zechariah

Charles Lee Feinberg

(Continued from the October—December Number, 1944)

IV. The Future of The World Power, Israel
and the Kingdom of Messiah, 9-14

A. The First Burden, 9-11.

5. The Rejection of the Good Shepherd and the Rule of the Wicked One, 11:1-17.

The contrast between the present chapter and chapters 9 and 10 is quite marked. They speak of blessing and prosperity, while here a sad picture of sin and punishment is brought before us in most vivid language and dramatic events. Compare chapters 3 and 4 of this prophecy with chapter 5 for a similar sequence. Chapter 11 explains why the blessings and promises of the previous chapter are in abeyance for Israel. Preceding the fulfilment of the prophecies of blessing are the apostasy of Israel and their rejection of the Good Shepherd, their Messiah, with the consequent visitation of God upon them in dire punishment. This concluding chapter in the first burden is easily divisible into three parts: (1) the visitation of God in wrath, verses 1–3; (2) the cause of this manifestation, verses 4–14; and (3) the ultimate outcome of the sin of Israel in the final scourge upon them, verses 15–17 .

There is no strictly poetic portion in chapters 1 through 8 of this prophecy. In chapters 9 to 14, however, there are poetic sections in each chapter, chapters 9 and 10 being poetic practically throughout. The first division of the present passage is in poetry as well as the last verse (mainly, but not uniformly, 3:3 metre). Probably the most poetic section of the whole Book of Zechariah is 11:1–3 .

In beautiful apostrophic language the prophet declares:

“Open thy doors, O Lebanon,

And let fire devour thy cedars!
Wail, O fir-tree, for the cedar is fallen,
For the glorious ones are destroyed;
Wail, O oaks of Bashan,
For the fortified forest has come down!
The loud wailing of ...

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