Books Received -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 102:406 (Apr 1945)
Article: Books Received
Author: Anonymous

Books Received

Publication of Devin-Adair Co., New York:

Is Modern Culture Doomed? By Andrew J. Krzesinksi, Ph.D., S.T.D. 2nd edition. A Polish philosopher wrestles with the question: What are the causes and symptoms of the critical state of contemporary culture and civilization, and is there any ground for hope? 176 pp. $2.00.

Publications of Bruce Humphries, Inc., Boston:

National Cultures, Nazism and the Church. By Andrew J. Krzesinksi, Ph.D., S.T.D. “In this book there are presented on the one hand the great importance of religion for the development of national cultures, on the other the detrimental consequences of eliminating religion from the national life” (the Nazi system is used for an illustration of the latter point). 128 pp. $1.75.

Nazi Germanys Foreign Policy. By Andrew J. Krzesinksi, Ph.D. “For a proper understanding of Nazi Germany it is obviously necessary to know its foreign policy, its aims, means and methods, as well as its practices.” 44 pp. 500, paper.

Religion of Nazi Germany. By Andrew J. Krzesinksi, Ph.D. For the most part a reprint of 3 chapters in the author’s book, National Cultures, Nazism and the Church. 48 pp. 50¢, paper.

Publications of Baker’s Book Store, Grand Rapids:

The Word of God and the Reformed Faith. Addresses delivered at the second American Calvinistic Conference. 221 pp. $1.00.

And So All Israel Shall Be Saved.” By William Hendriksen. The Professor of New Testament Literature at Calvin Seminary offers his interpretation of Romans 11:26. 36 pp. 45¢, paper.

Publications of Fleming H. Revell, New York:

Wondrous Truths from the Word. By John Hess McComb, D.D. Valuable teaching from the pastor of Broadway Presbyterian Church, New York. 128 pp. $1.25.

Saved to the Uttermost. By I. R. Wall. Studies in Hebrews. 160 pp. $1.50.

Pleasant Paths. By Vance Havner. Another volume of the meditations for which this author is justly acclaimed, thirty in all—”gathered here and there, on busy travels and in quiet places.” 95 pp. $1.25.

Publications of Fundamental Truth Publishers, Findlay, Ohio:

Bible Questions Answered. By William L. Pettingill, D.D. The enlarged edition of this useful book. 559 pp. $2.00.

The Cathedral of Christian Truth. By William G. Coltman, D.D. An exposition o...

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