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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 102:407 (Jul 1945)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Prophecy and the Church. By Oswald T. Allis. Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., Philadelphia. 339 pp. $2.50.

A reviewer’s task is not always an easy one, especially as in this instance when the review must of necessity be critical. The present situation is not relieved by the fact that the author and reviewer are personal friends, or by the fact that the issues have earlier been discussed in public print by these two men. In his defense of Covenantism as a theological hypothesis Dr. Allis has made various attacks upon dispensational interpretation of the Scriptures. The present effort registers some changes on the part of the author. He has not cited the Westminster Confession of Faith here more frequently than the Word of God as evidence of the worthiness of his position. There also are features in this volume which indicate that the author is now more able to recognize some of the right divisions of Scripture.

This volume will doubtless be hailed by all Covenant theologians as a masterful answer to dispensational teaching. What can one say as a reviewer when he believes that Christianity is a new, distinct revelation from God based on the historic achievement of Christ in His death and resurrection and on the age-transforming advent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, whereas the author is so evidently hid in his thinking behind the veil of tradition respecting a supposed covenant of grace, which covenant allows not for a new revelation which is called Christianity? Many Covenant teachers have believed on Christ and therefore are saved and have received the Holy Spirit whose office work it is to teach them the things of Christ. It must therefore be their experience that they are often conscious that there are vast fields of truth into which they have never entered. They must catch glimpses of a glorious reality which is withheld from them. The direct challenge of Covenantism is here made, that it fails to comprehend the immeasurable

glories of the New Testament. What could secure greater confusion of thought than such an error?

To evaluate this volume faithfully one would be required to write a volume of equal size, for every page and every paragraph is weighed down with such misapprehensions. Such a review is impossible. The failure to see and glory in the new revelation on the part of men like Dr. Allis is tragic indeed.

As the scholar which he is, Dr. Allis writes in an interesting style. The title of this book is a misnomer. Prophecy concerning the Church contemplates the glory which awaits the saints of this age and any instructed Bible reader would so interpret it. Sad is the disappointment when it is found that the author espou...

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