The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation -- By: J. W. Walden

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 102:408 (Oct 1945)
Article: The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation
Author: J. W. Walden

The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation

J. W. Walden

[Reprint from the Religious Outlook, 1898, pp. 8-11, 31–34, 55–58, a periodical of Columbia Seminary absorbed by Bibliotheca Sacra in 1930 with the Bible Champion family of magazines.]

The idea or doctrine of the Kingdom of God meets us on the very first page of the Scripture, and it is the one theme of the book to the very last page. It is the one supreme subject of Revelation, because it is the one supreme fact of all the world’s history from the Creation to the Re-Creation.

“According to the world-embracing plan of God,” writes another, “the Kingdom of God is evolved from the purpose of God, and by this purpose, the times and the seasons, the ages and the ends, are fore-appointed, run on and expire. Evermore one great movement in history emerges from another, the kingdom one in its essence all the way, but many in its forms; in substance eternal, in stages of development limited and temporal; or, as Kitto most aptly expresses it, ‘Essentially one, circumstantially many;’ ever widening in its circle, ever rising in its progress; ebbing now and flowing now, like the ocean tides; advancing and retreating like the waves that break upon the shore, yet destined to its highest water mark; each succeeding form grander, purer than the one preceding; and yet corrupted by failure on man’s part, with renewal by progress on God’s part; one dispensation giving way to another; each stadium a mirror of the other, yet in various degree, and all a pledge of one most glorious accomplishment; the whole pushed outward from within, yet growing by accretion; stepping onward and upward through judgments and mercies; ruled by laws and shaped by catastrophes; persistent amid dissolutions and reconstructions; each throb of the mighty motion answering from age to age to the pulse-beat of the one eternal purpose of God, and climbing to its crown of absolute perfection and glory everlasting.”

The conception of the Kingdom of God is so comprehensive and so complex, inclusive of so many dispensations and

of so many details, that to grasp it thoroughly is a well-nigh impossible task. And yet the subject must engage our prayerful study, because it is the one central and conforming thought of the whole organism of inspired Revelation.

It is that which God had for His one aim in placing man, made in His image, in ‘dominion’ over ‘all things’ (Gen 1:26–28; Ps 8). The conflict of the ages is the conflict between this kingdom, under the headship of the ‘Seed of the Woman,’ an...

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