Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 103:409 (Jan 1946)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


Dr. A. C. Gaebelein

Only the scale of measurements which the Lord Himself will use at the bema—His judgment seat—could declare the value to his generation of the ministry of Dr. A. C. Gaebelein of New York City, editor of “Our Hope.” The Christian church knows but little of the value of the life and ministry to her in this century to which he belonged. A true and unchanging defender of the faith, Dr. Gaebelein fought many doctrinal battles and represented a vast company of believers in his warfare. His many books remain and will be cherished by all students of the Sacred Text for years to come.

His two most dominant themes were, first, the glory of Christ, and second, His imminent return to receive His own. During Dr. Gaebelein’s long lifetime men have gone away after false doctrines and have followed false teachers. He himself never varied by a shadow of turning from the most orthodox faith. Such a life, apart from the written ministry he left behind, cannot be measured by earthly values. We glory in the God who raised up and sustained Dr. Gaebelein.

From the day of its organization, Dr. Gaebelein served the Dallas Theological Seminary, first, as a teacher for a month each year when he took up the analysis of assigned books of the Bible. Later, he became an honored director of this institution, which he was to the day of his death. The Dallas Seminary personnel mourn the home-coming of this great man. There is abundant reason here for such mourning. Yet we know that an immeasurable joy is his in the presence of the One he so perfectly loved, and so we would not return him as much as his presence here was appreciated.

Lewis Sperry Chafer


It may come as a surprise to some that America has fifteen times as many churches as picture shows and that the houses of worship have more than five times as many seats. One would never suppose the contrast to be in favor of Christianity, judging from all the publicity given theaters, music, sports, books, and amusement. Yet the difference runs so high in the church’s favor that there seem to be real grounds for encouragement. Christian forces still have a foothold in our land; believers have yet another chance to win the present generation for Christ.

Appraised from the standpoint of prominence the Christian testimony has every right to be heard. Consequently, nothing should daunt the church from coming up and claiming a right to publicity both on the air waves and the printed page. We have a message that has anchored many peoples down through the centuries, and its accents can spell safety and calm for the present troubled generation as can nothing...

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