The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation -- By: J. W. Walden

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 103:409 (Jan 1946)
Article: The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation
Author: J. W. Walden

The Kingdom of God—Its Millennial Dispensation

J. W. Walden

(Concluded from the October-December Number, 1945)

[Reprint from the Religious Outlook, 1898, pp. 8-11, 31–34, 55–58, a periodical of Columbia Seminary absorbed by Bibliotheca Sacra in 1930 with the Bible Champion family of magazines.]

(C) Before the Kingdom of God can be established among men, Satan must be put out of the way. By this step in the argument, we come to the real issue in the world’s history, viz., the conflict between “the Seed of the Woman” and the “Serpent.”

The Kingdom of the world is the socially organic opposition of the Serpent to the Kingdom of God, or socially organic Redemption. The Kingdom of the World is the socially organic life of man, under the influence of Satan, asserting itself against the Sceptre of God. It is the institutional and historical outworking of the principle to which man succumbed under the temptation of the Evil One in Eden. It is the godless perversion of the grant and gift of Civil Government, which came to man after the Flood. Its first expression was at Babel, when the people said, “Let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven; and let us make us a name” (Gen 11:4). From this time on, the current of godless civil power flowed and flows on down. It is Chaldean, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, Roman. And it will continue till the cry goes up, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city” (Rev 14:8). The Kingdom of God, as a thing wrought into the current of the world history, took its rise contemporaneously with Babel, when God called Abraham out of the Chaldean empire and made of him, by irreversible compact, the beginning of the Chosen Nation. It advanced a step further towards assertion and influence in the world, when this nation was formally organized into a Theocracy under Moses. By the Davidic covenant, this nation was set apart as the sustaining-center of earthly rule in the coming Millennial Kingdom, when Babylon will go down before Jerusalem, when the Anti-Christ will be destroyed by the Christ.

But whence the enmity and influence of the world-empire in all the ages, and of its blasphemous head, the Anti-Christ, in the consummation of the ages? Does not John tell us that the Dragon, i.e., Satan, gives Anti-Christ “his power and his throne and great authority?” (Rev 13:2). “Many of the great fathers of the primitive Church believed he would be a Satanic incarnation. Hippolytus calls him ‘a son of the devil,’ ‘a vessel of Satan.’ Irenaeus...

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