A Bibliography of Dispensationalism -- By: Arnold D. Ehlert

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 103:409 (Jan 1946)
Article: A Bibliography of Dispensationalism
Author: Arnold D. Ehlert

A Bibliography of Dispensationalism

Arnold D. Ehlert

(Concluded from the October-December Number, 1945)

{Editor’s note: Footnotes in the original printed edition were numbered from 90–96 (including 91a) but are numbered from 1–8 respectively in this electronic edition.}

Alfred Pearson of Australia, author of The Climax of the Ages, has a book, Creation and Its Sequel, in which he discusses the dispensations in the light of their having been created for Christ (Heb 1:1–3). The book discusses in order:

I- The first heaven and earth

II- The second heaven and earth

III- The heavens and the earth which are now

IV- The dispensation of the last day

V- The eternal state

Under the second period are contemplated the six days of creation, the Eden story and the antediluvian period. The third covers the period from the patriarchs to Christ’s final revelation from heaven. The fourth is the millennial reign. The book deals in detail with pertinent features of each of these periods.1

Norman Baldwin Harrison (1874-), prominent Bible teacher and author of a number of books on Biblical subjects, has a chapter on the dispensations as a “structural…scheme around which the plan of redemption is formed.” He finds the pattern in Genesis 1, in the creation week, and in the “law of the octave,” with the first and the eighth as introduction and conclusion, and the story of man’s redemption told in the other six, which appear structurally as two sets of threes:


Creation and Fall


Good and Evil








Chosen People


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