Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 104:414 (Apr 1947)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous



In the worthy use of the word, the term religion refers to a relationship divinely set up between God and man with all the requirements and responsibilities related thereto. There is no indication that God has set up any relationship between Himself and the angels, nor has He set up any relationship between Himself and the Gentiles, but He has set up a relationship between Himself and the nation Israel which is Judaism, and a relationship between Himself and Christians which is Christianity.

Of the many omissions and mistakes which are to be credited to theologians of past generations, none is more confusing or far-reaching than the common assumption that because Judaism and Christianity are in the one Bible they are one and the same thing. Men have been misled by the obvious truth that there are common factors in these two systems such as God, man, sin, and redemption. Both systems have their own soteriology and eschatology, and no greater need is apparent in the theological world today than a worthy treatment of the soteriology and eschatology of Judaism, tracing that system from its beginning to its future end in the new earth which is yet to be.

The central issue between covenantism and dispensationalism is one of whether a student is to distinguish between Judaism and Christianity. This is not some one isolated issue, but the whole field of these two systems is involved. Because he does discern between these two systems, men who should know better are prone to single out the dispensationalist as one who robs Scripture of its authority.

A marvelous movement is abroad which is drawing thousands into a new and deeper interest in the study of the Scriptures and this interest is engendered when the first

glimpses of the difference between Judaism and Christianity are observed.

An Attack upon a Book

As the author of a book which certain evangelists are condemning, the editor deems it worth-while to give a brief history of this volume.

It was the author’s experience under God to serve first as a gospel singer, which service was rendered in company with a number of evangelists beginning in 1890 and was continued for seven years. After that he was pressed into full-time service as a preaching and singing evangelist. At that time he had only the ideals and methods in mind which had been employed by the men with whom he had labored. However, God dealt faithfully with this young evangelist, requiring of him consideration of why methods were used in connection with his work and pointing out the unscriptural and misleading character of many methods then employed. Whatever the present methods of evangel...

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