Book Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 104:414 (Apr 1947)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Preachers I Have Heard. By Alexander Gammie. Pickering and Inglis, London. 200 pp. 12/6 net.

The author, not well-known in the United States, has done a very remarkable work in presenting in brief word-pictures some fifty-two of the greatest English preachers. With these sketches is a series of photographs unequalled anywhere. For the student who desires to study great preachers and their traits, this is a priceless volume. It is commended to all.

President Lewis Sperry Chafer

Ephesians: The Glories of His Grace. By August Van Ryn. Loizeaux Bros., Inc., New York. 165 pp. $2.00.

Here is a new exposition of this book on the highest revelation concerning the believer’s relation to God. The author is comparatively unknown, but the volume is a prize to be seized upon by all who want to know God’s ways with His people. It is really a collection of spiritual gems and is an excellent contribution to the rather extensive bibliography on this Epistle. Dr. H. A. Ironside says of the book: “A chapter by chapter exposition of the Ephesian letter by one who has drunk deeply of the wells of divine truth. Mr. Van Ryn is becoming widely known as an able and spiritually minded expositor of the Word of God.” The book is highly commended.

President Lewis Sperry Chafer

Arno C. Gaebelein: A Memoir. By Wilbur M. Smith, D.D. Our Hope Press, 456 Fourth Ave., New York. 31 pp. Art stock paper cover, $1.00.

This is a printing of an address which the author gave in a memorial service held in New York. It is a worthy tribute to one of America’s greatest scholars of the past generation. We are thankful for this successful recognition of Dr. A. C. Gaebelein. It is commended to all.

President Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Faith of Our Fathers on Eschatology. By Ira D. Landis. Published by the author, Lititz, Pa. 423 pp. $2.25.

It is a curious fact that the more important amillennial works on eschatology in the last decade have been negative, that is, have consisted in attacks upon premillennialism rather than an ordered presentation from an objective viewpoint of their own position. This was true of Prophecy and the Church, by Oswald T. Allis, and characterizes the others. The present volume, written by a Mennonite for the particular benefit of his own denomination, is no exception. Like the other volumes there is an outward appearance of constructive work, but the real intent is to destroy opposing views rather than to construct its own.

The occasion for the volume, according to the a...

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