Contemporary Bible Movements -- By: Arnold D. Ehlert

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 104:416 (Oct 1947)
Article: Contemporary Bible Movements
Author: Arnold D. Ehlert

Contemporary Bible Movements

Arnold D. Ehlert

II. The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony

Prophetic study has been much more prevalent in the history of the church than ecclesiastical authorities have usually been ready to admit. An extensive bibliography of prophetical writings remains yet to be compiled.1 A prolific literature on prophetic subjects has issued in the last half century from a group of writers in the British Isles who have been associated with the movement known as The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony. The name indicates much of the doctrinal position and function of the group.

It was in 1918, when prophetic interest was running high in America, as well as in some other parts of the world, that a series of circumstances resulted in the launching of this movement. A series of prophetic studies had been held in Ealing, England, conducted by Mr. T. Parkes, which were unavoidably terminated leaving the hearers wanting more. Two organizations were then in existence, the Scripture Research Society, and a large interdenominational movement known as the Advent Testimony Preparation Union. There were a number of interested persons who could not associate themselves with either of these, and some that had severed their connections with the former over points of doctrinal emphasis; and desiring to promote and propagate prophetic

study, and after prayer, they called a conference at Ealing on November 1, 1918. Plans were made for a series of meetings and an open letter drafted and circulated. In 1919 a Manifesto was published. The doctrinal basis of the movement was thus set forth as follows:

“I. We receive the doctrines of the FREE AND SOVEREIGN GRACE OF GOD-viz.:

(a) The Co-Eternity and Co-Equality of the Three Persons in the One Godhead.

(b) The Full Inspiration of the Scriptures.

(c) The Incarnation, Sinlessness, Atonement, Resurrection and Ascension of God the Son.

(d) The Substitutional Obedience and Death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(e) The Election, Redemption, Regeneration, Justification, Imputation of Christ’s Righteousness to, Sanctification, and Final Preservation of all the Saints.

(f) The total Depravity of all Mankind, and Entire Perversity from God of the Natural Will.

(g) The Eternal Life of the Righteous, and the Eternal Punishment of the Wicked.

II. The NEAR APPROACH of the RETURN of the LORD is our confident HOPE.

III. His RETURN we expect as PRE-MILLENNIAL, and following:—

(a) The Apostasy of Isr...

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