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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 105:418 (Apr 1948)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

I Will Come Again. By Arthur I. Brown, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed. Fundamental Truth Publishers, Findlay, Ohio. 115 pp. $1.25.

In all his useful ministry the late Dr. Brown has provided the church with a message which interpreted the Scripture. The volume under review is no exception. In this one Dr. Brown with much skill and insight into the prophetic Scriptures is indicating the signs of the times and how the present age is drawing to its close. To those who inquire whether the coming of Christ again is near this book will be of greatest interest, though it may be that agreement cannot be accorded the author in every interpretation he has given. The work, then, is Scriptural and highly to be commended because of the stimulation it gives to thought and study. It should bear a very wide reading and serve a great purpose in the church in these last days. The vast majority of those who profess to be Christians are not even slightly aware of the meaning of the conditions in the world today. This volume, however, must and will aid all who read it with sincerity.

President Lewis Sperry Chafer

Rudolph Ottos Interpretation of Religion. By Robert F. Davidson. Princeton University Press, Princeton. 213 pp. $2.50.

Students of contemporary liberal theology have long recognized the importance of Rudolf Otto’s Das Heilige, which appeared in English as The Idea of the Holy. It has already appeared in eight languages and has gone through six American editions since 1917 when it appeared. The appeal of Otto’s work lay in the fact that it provided a reorientation of theological thought which attempted to reclaim much of the depth lost in current liberal theology. It was an attempt to revitalize a sterile liberalism which had been reduced to a rational humanism.

The present work is a delineation of the total contribution of Otto from the standpoint of a sympathetic student. It provides in one volume an analysis of the content and significance of Otto’s many published works, but with special attention to Das Heilige. Otto’s theological heritage in Lutheran theology, his suggestive treatment of the numinous, his concepts of sanctity, sin and salvation are presented with sufficient detail to give a full picture. Otto’s definition of divination of deity, his debt to Friesian idealism, and his use of religious a priori are discussed with real insight and appreciation. The work concludes with a chapter on the remaining problems of morality, reason and religion, and a complete bibliography of Otto’s extensive works.

The contribution of Rudolf Otto fits into the present neo-supernatural schoo...

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