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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 107:425 (Jan 1950)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Expository Notes on Ezekiel the Prophet. By H. A. Ironside, Litt.D. Loizeaux Bros., New York. 336 pp. $3.00.

The latest volume from the pen of one of America’s best-known Bible expositors is a welcome addition to his many volumes which now cover nearly every book of the Bible. This book of expository notes is, in the words of the author, “a running commentary,” and in it many spiritual and devotional lessons are emphasized so that the reader will find much to edify him in the study of this often neglected Old Testament prophet. The author unfolds the marvels of Ezekiel by faithfully comparing Scripture with Scripture.

Ezekiel is seen to be the exponent of divine government. Throughout his book he dwells upon the fact that God is over all, working out His plans and carrying out His own decisions, in spite of Satanic efforts to thwart His purpose (p. xii).

The author’s treatment is soul-satisfying. Of particular interest is the discussion of the portion of the book which speaks of that which is yet future. A commendable reticence in speaking authoritatively where prophetic details may be lacking is seen in the author’s treatment throughout. “It is well to remember, however, that there are doubtless many details of unfulfilled prophecy concerning which we may not have an absolutely clear understanding at the present time, but which will all become plain after the Church has been caught away from this scene and God is dealing with the remnant of Israel, whose eyes will be opened to understand their own Scriptures in a way that we perhaps cannot” (p. 265).

Many will be surprised, no doubt, at the author’s handling of the subject of the sacrifices described in connection with the millennial temple. In commenting on verses 38–43 of chapter 40 he says: “These verses raise a question which has perplexed many, and which perhaps may never be

satisfactorily settled until the day when the full meaning of the vision is made known. The question is, Are sacrifices and offerings to be reinstituted at Jerusalem in the coming day? That this will be the case during the great tribulation there can be, I think, no question; otherwise there would be no meaning to the words referring to the compact with the Beast, that ‘in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease’ (Dan 9:27). But will these sacrifices be renewed in the millennial temple, and will they be carried on throughout the kingdom age? I cannot conceive of such a possibility. The truth revealed in the Epistle ...

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