Part 4: The Last World Empire and Armageddon -- By: C. I. Scofield

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 108:431 (Jul 1951)
Article: Part 4: The Last World Empire and Armageddon
Author: C. I. Scofield

Part 4: The Last World Empire and Armageddon

C. I. Scofield

[Editor’s note: By special request Bibliotheca Sacra is putting back into print the lectures delivered by Dr. Scofield at the second annual Philadelphia Bible Conference. These prophetic messages were given first in 1914 after World War I had begun, and appeared originally in a Bible study magazine then being published, Serving and Waiting. The series was entitled “The World War in the Light of Prophecy,” while lecture four—here reproduced—was given for a subtitle the heading “The Great Tribulation.”]

We have been looking together at the Scriptures concerning “the times of the Gentiles,” the period during which earth is put under the governmental authority of the Gentiles. It is still running. The sign is still present: Jerusalem is still “trodden under foot of the Gentiles.” The whole period may be regarded as a testing of the capacity of the natural man to govern himself and his fellows. We are witnessing in the present World War the final demonstration of his inability. Every resource available to man for the great task of organizing humanity into the social order and establishing peace with righteousness has been tried. The answer is the war of wars. So far from restraining in any effective fashion the bloodthirstiness that is latent in humanity, the Gentile nations have succeeded but in organizing it, in organizing human killing on a prodigious scale. Then we have seen—through the prophetic Word—what events we may confidently look for in this final crash, this final collapse of a civilization based on force and ambition. And whether in the Old Testament or the New, whether the witness be Daniel the prophet or Jesus Christ, by the apostle Paul or the apostle John, there is one uniform testimony that certain events are coming to pass and that certain personages are concerned in these events.

First of all, the testimony is unanimous that during this dispensation or age wars will not cease. Secondly, the testimony is unanimous that the age will end in great tribulation—a time of unexampled, unprecedented anguish on this earth, a time greater in the respect of suffering and horror than any in the long history of humanity. And we have the assurance that after that great tribulation there will never again be on earth a time like it.

Thirdly, the prophetic witnesses all agree that in connection with this great tribulation a personage will rise up ominous, menacing, terrible. Daniel calls him the “little horn.” Paul calls him the “man of sin” or, more literally, the “lawless one.” Christ calls him the “abomination that maketh desolate,” quoting from Daniel. John calls him the “beas...

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