Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 109:435 (Jul 1952)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


President Lewis S. Chafer

Doctor Lewis Sperry Chafer, president of Dallas Theological Seminary and editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, died in Seattle, Washington on August 22, 1952. At the age of eighty-one years he was continuing his active ministry through the summer when taken by death after a brief illness. Since 1934 Doctor Chafer has served on the staff of Bibliotheca Sacra, first as a department editor for his chosen field of systematic theology, then as the literary and managing editor since 1940. His brother, Doctor Rollin Thomas Chafer, preceded him as editor until in his seventy-third year the Lord summoned him above. What the one brother said of the other when succeeding him in office is true of them both. Therefore it is fitting to quote the words here:

“Doctor Chafer possessed rare literary gifts and his editorials, articles, and book reviews have been received with the highest commendation both in America and abroad. His death, in the providence of God, has removed another Christian scholar who arose to the unusual editorial demands of this unique magazine, who had the requisite insight into all phases of Biblical doctrine, who was himself a devout conservative teacher and the embodiment of Christian grace.”

In the next issue of Bibliotheca Sacra there will appear more detail about the life and labors of Editor Lewis Sperry Chafer. Meanwhile the last editorial from his pen follows immediately.

Yes, A Phenomenon

No one will accuse H. L. Mencken of being a Christian. Hence the more significant is the following quoted from his pen: “The silence of the theologians is one of the incredible phenomena of these dangerous days. What I desire to point out is that the New Testament offers precise and elaborate

specifications of the events preceding the inevitable end of the world, and that a fair reading of them must lead any rational man to conclude that the events are now upon us.”

The all but universal silence of preachers today on the mighty truth that Christ is to return and that that return is near is a phenomenon, but not beyond explanation. It is a great undertaking of Satan, to hinder a reasonable expectation of the coming of Christ and His kingdom on the earth. Satan may suppose that he is putting off the day when he will be sealed in the abyss. Beside, the silence of preachers is a sad evidence of their spiritual state. These men have been told, without exception, to “preach the word”; but they soon discover that the training they received for this ministry did not prepare them to preach the Word of God. And that is what they cannot do, especially th...

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