Is Your Home Scriptural? -- By: Charles C. Ryrie

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 109:436 (Oct 1952)
Article: Is Your Home Scriptural?
Author: Charles C. Ryrie

Is Your Home Scriptural?

Charles C. Ryrie

Overlooked in this generation especially has been a key to the accomplishing of many phases of the Lord’s work. The key is the importance of the Christian home. It fits in the doors of evangelism, revival, godly living, church work, and missionary zeal, but only on one condition—that the home be scriptural in every way. A Christian home functioning according to the detailed principles of God’s Word can and should be vitally related to all phases of the Lord’s work. Too long has the church overlooked this.

The Word of God has nothing to say about organizing a Sunday school, a Youth for Christ or Young Life group, a Christian day school or college, or about publishing Christian books or magazines; yet no one denies the importance of these means in accomplishing the Lord’s work, and no one considers them unscriptural in any sense. But the Word of God has much to say about organizing and running a Christian home. When will Christians realize the importance of obeying this part of God’s revelation to us, not only for what it would mean to our homes but also for what it would mean to all aspects of God’s work in the earth?

Teaching for several years in a Christian college has confirmed the writer’s opinion that many of the major problems that Christian works and workers face with their young people (who are undoubtedly saved) stem from the Christian homes in which they were reared, but not reared according to the detailed and extremely plain and specific revelation of God’s Word. What about your home? Is it scriptural?

God’s plan for the home is very plain. Although the Scripture does deal with homes in which there are

unsaved adult members, we limit this present investigation to the passages which assume that the adult members of the home are born-again believers.

I. The Place of the Persons in the Christian Home

The normal Christian home consists of husband, wife, and children, each with his or her own particular place and responsibility. The husband is the head of the home (Eph 5:23). This means that the intelligent direction of the affairs of the home is his responsibility. This corresponds to our Lord’s relation as Head of His church. Decisions concerning the Lord’s will belong ultimately in the realm of the husband’s authority; and although he may be guided along with his wife, he should not be guided by her.

But in order to guard against abuse of this authority, God has ordained that in addition to being the leader in the home the husband is to be the lover (You must have a subscription and be logged in to read the entire article.
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