God and the Gentiles Part 1 -- By: Charles Henry Murphy

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 109:436 (Oct 1952)
Article: God and the Gentiles Part 1
Author: Charles Henry Murphy

God and the Gentiles
Part 1

Charles Henry Murphy

This study, while limited for various reasons, is to be an attempt to trace the line of prophecy concerning a great portion of the human race known as the Gentiles. The Bible divides the human family into three great divisions, as they are recorded in 1 Corinthians 10:32, namely, Jew, Gentile and the church of God. Each of these three divisions has a vast amount of Scripture bearing on it which, if kept separate, will be seen to carry each group on into the eternity to come.

The word Gentile is translated from the Hebrew goy and the Greek ethnos. In the Old Testament goy has been rendered “Gentile,” “heathen,” “nation,” and “people,” and in the plural form it refers to all those who are not of the Jewish race. In the New Testament the same renderings are made from ethnos, with the same distinction carried through. Therefore, the word Gentile refers to that great mass of humanity which is not Jewish. All of this designation are classified the same regardless of the color of skin, or whether they are civilized or not.

There is a vast amount of Scripture related to the subject of Gentiles. Much of it has been clouded for the average reader because of the various translations of the Hebrew and Greek for Gentile. While God called out from the Gentiles the people of Israel to be a special nation for Himself, and even though He is today calling out from among both Jews and Gentiles a people to form the church, which is the bride of Christ, He has nevertheless remained the God of the Gentiles. As such He has dealt with them providentially and in judgment, and will continue to do so throughout the ages. A careful study of Scripture will bear this out.

Scriptures related to the Gentiles are scattered through the Bible, but when they are gathered up it is seen that they form a complete picture of God’s dealings with these people. The whole picture divides naturally into three sections, and so this study will follow a threefold outline in considering the significant highway of truth presented here. The divisions will be as follows: Gentiles up to the time of Babylon and its empire, Gentiles from Babylon to the return of Christ, Gentiles and their destiny.

I. Gentiles Up to the Time of Babylon

Origin of the Gentiles. Gentiles have their origin in Adam. For centuries before the flood the human family existed as one unit. All were of one racial stock and all spoke one universal language. After the flood God took one family ...

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