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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 110:437 (Jan 1953)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Range of Reason. By Jacques Maritain. Charles Scribner’s, New York. 227 pp. $3.50.

This famous contemporary philosopher, operating within the Roman Catholic tradition in philosophy, has presented in this volume a series of essays which attempt to evaluate the extent to which reason operates in attaining human knowledge. The first half of the book deals with the relation of reason to metaphysics and faith. The latter half presents the resultant faith in relation to the human community. As a work built upon a theistic basis, it will prove of interest to those concerned with the philosophic approach to these fields of investigation.

President John F. Walvoord

Faith and Sanctification. By G. C. Berkouwer. Translated from the Dutch by John Vriend. Wm. B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids. 193 pp. $3.00.

This first volume of a contemplated nineteen of Berkouwer’s “Studies in Dogmatics” will introduce this author to the American reading public. As Professor of Systematic Theology, in the Free University of Amsterdam, the author is a recognized theologian. Beginning with the underlying thesis that faith is the genesis for theology, the author follows the time-honored Reformed faith in his presentation of faith in relation to sanctification. With frequent allusions to Continental theology and Barth and Brunner, the author first relates sanctification to justification attempting to distinguish these concepts. He holds that they are related but not identical. Sanctification is also presented as a process and the issue of whether this process originates in God or is conducted by human effort is debated. He concludes that both are included. A true doctrine of sanctification is distinguished from the evolutionary idea which would make sanctification a human attainment, and is therefore properly linked with a true humility. Sanctification finds its ideal in the imitation of Christ. A concluding chapter relates sanctification to the law. The author avoids on the one hand legalism and on the other antinomianism. While not having the clear perspective of positional sanctification in contrast to experimental, the author approximates the same within the usual limits of Reformed theology. The work presumes an interest in the knowledge of systematic theology on the part of the reader.

President John F. Walvoord

The Providence of God. By G. C. Berkouwer. Translated from the Dutch by Lewis Smedes. William B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids. 294 pp. $3.50.

The second volume of Berkouwer’s series in “Studies in Dogmatics” reviews the Reformed doctrine of the providence of God in the context of twenti...

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