Periodical Reviews -- By: James A. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 110:440 (Oct 1953)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James A. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James A. Rand

Bea, A., “Progress in the Interpretation of Sacred Scripture,” Theology Digest, 1:67–71, Spring, 1953.

Many Bible scholars have not realized that there is often much of value in the Catholic periodicals for the conservative Bible student. This new periodical gives promise of becoming a valuable addition to the study desk of not only the Bible student but also the pastor who wishes to know the latest Catholic thought on doctrinal questions. The article cited above is a Catholic defense of the principle of the literal interpretation of the Scripture. The author makes this striking statement in his conclusion. “…the importance of the theologian is obvious. In establishing the truths of the faith, he needs Scriptural arguments which…can be drawn only from the literal sense.” The digest aims to present the best in Catholic literature.

Beldon, Albert D., “The Christian Message in the English Poets: John Masefield,” Evangelical Christian, 49:377–378, 412–413, August, 1953.

This is the first of a series of articles in which the author, a prominent English pastor, will analyze the poetry of current English poets in quest of their Christian message. If they follow in quality the current contribution they will be well worth while. A number of examples of the distnctive Christian and evangelical message of the poet laureate of Great Britain are presented with appropriate comments. They should be quite useful in sermon preparation.

Cheek, John L., “New Testament Translation in America,” Journal of Biblical Literature, 72:103–114, June, 1953.

Here is a critical study of the history of the translation of the New Testament in America which is of course of primary interest to the scholar. Yet the pastor will find this article edifying because it presents the background to the various translations which have already emerged as well as principles which should be followed in the future.

Johnston, O. Raymond, “Growth in Grace in Puritan Theology,” Evangelical Quarterly, 25:131–141, July, 1953.

Spurgeon’s eminence as a preacher of the gospel is traced by many to his constant study of the Puritan theologians. Refreshing indeed are articles which give us a sample of the thinking of these mighty men of old. Growth in grace according to the Puritans affected the whole man, mind, affections and will and resulted in increasing strength of faith and victory over sin.

Keiper, Ralph L., “The Second Coming in the Catholic Epistles,” Eternity, 4:5–6, 40, July, 1953.

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