Periodical Reviews -- By: James F. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 111:441 (Jan 1954)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James F. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James F. Rand

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “The Invisible War,” Eternity, 4:10: 4–5, 4044, October, 1953, (first installment of eighteen).

The editor of Eternity has embarked upon what he considers to be “the magnum opus of his life,” a detailed study of the war between Satan and God. Eighteen installments will comprise the series dealing “with the entire plan of God, beginning with Lucifer’s creation and his subsequent fall and the consequent steps God took in the light of sin’s entrance into the universe.” From the quality of the first installments of this rather extensive series, it can be safely assumed that it will be an important contribution to any preacher’s library. It is not often that a Biblically sound discussion of the important topics of this series appears.

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “The Kinsey Report in the Light of the Bible,” Eternity, 4:11: 6–7, 47—50, November, 1953.

Much has been written in both the secular and the religious press about the controversial Kinsey report. One of the best evaluations from a Christian and Biblical standpoint is that of Dr. Barnhouse which avoids much of the prejudice of other reviews.

Bender, Thorwald W., “How to Listen to a Sermon,” Moody Monthly, 54:3:18–19, 48, November, 1953.

The Professor of Theology at Northern Baptist Seminary wrote this article because of his interest in effective preaching. “I am deeply convinced,” he says, “that effective preaching is much more dependent on effective listening than is ordinarily recognized.” His suggestions, therefore, will not only be welcomed by those who listen Sunday after Sunday in the pew but also by those of us who recognize the problems involved in the effective communication of the gospel message. Dr. Bender tells his readers to listen with the purpose of understanding, of doing and to tell others.

Gaebelein, Frank E., “The Neglected Epistle of James,” Our Hope, 60:205–10, October, 1953 (first of a series).

Quiet, reverent scholarship is evident in this series of devotional studies in what is rightly called a neglected epistle. The series formed the basis of messages which were warmly appreciated when originally given in Switzerland and Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Gaebelein is ably following in his father’s footsteps as an effective expositor of the Word.

Gamble, Connolly, Jr., “The Literature of Biblical Theology: a Bibliographical Study,” Interpretation, 7:466–80, October, 1953.

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