Periodical Reviews -- By: James F. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 112:448 (Oct 1955)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James F. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James F. Rand

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “The Gospel in Latin Europe,” Eternity, 6:9:8–9, 38–39, September, 1955.

Modestly the editor of this important Christian publication calls his article “more of a travel diary than…a formal essay on Europe today.” Although it is just that it is meaty and contains some valuable observations on the state of the church on the continent that no pastor will want to miss. Dr. Barnhouse because of his many years of travel and study in France and Spain has an insight into conditions which few possess. This article presents vividly the fact that “Europe is a mission field, but perhaps one of the most delicate in the world.” Believers will do well to heed Dr. Barnhouse’s injunction to pray for it.

Evangelical Christian, July, 1955.

Most of this issue is devoted to a report on the All-Scotland Crusade of Billy Graham of last Spring. The editor’s comment is significant. “In the long history of the Evangelical Christian we have never before devoted so much of one issue to one man and one cause. But we believe that this occasion deserves it. The All-Scotland Crusade, in which Billy Graham took the leading part, may well be an epoch in the history of that little land of which future historians will have to take notice, and may exercise a tremendous influence on the spiritual life of the entire world.” Articles by the editor, J. H. Hunter, Billy Graham, Andrew McBeath and other writers fill this issue with vivid testimony of what God wrought during those days at Glasgow last Spring. It will thrill your heart to read these articles.

Marcel, Pierre, “The Relation between Justification and Sanctification in Calvin’s Thought,” The Evangelical Quarterly, 27:132–45, July, 1955.

At first glance this article would seem to be only a scholarly discussion of two theological doctrines. Readers will find that it is basic in its presentation and will prove to be invaluable in presenting a clear, concise summation of the two great doctrines which underlie our Christian experience. Included in this issue of this quarterly are two articles which further discuss the doctrine of sanctification. “The Doctrine of Sanctification” by R. B. Larter is a definitive statement as the title indicates while “‘Keswick’ and the Reformed Doctrine of Sanctification” by J. I. Packer is an examination of the teachings of Keswick in light of Reformed teaching. The three articles together constitute a thoughtful presentation of the great doctrine of sanctification which will merit study on the part of the pastor.

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