The Old Testament Revelation of the Beginning of Sin -- By: Merrill Frederick Unger

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 114:456 (Oct 1957)
Article: The Old Testament Revelation of the Beginning of Sin
Author: Merrill Frederick Unger

The Old Testament Revelation of the Beginning of Sin

Merrill F. Unger

The joyous light that filled the pristine sinless universe and radiated from angels and morning stars at the laying of earth’s cornerstone was not destined to continue undisturbed. The infinitely wise Creator, in endowing His creatures with freedom of will and the prerogative of self-determining choice, allowed the possibility at least that some might choose the wrong way and thereby introduce sin, darkness, and misery into His perfect and sinless creation.

Divine wisdom, however, knew that the joy of fellowship with the Creator maintained against solicitation to apostasy and disloyalty would be a deeper and more enlightened emotion. Light appearing against the background of darkness would be more resplendent. Holiness shining out against the somberness of sin would be more attractive. The majesty of the major key would be more pronounced by contrast with the minor note. A smile would radiate all the more beautifully through tears.

The Joy of a Sinless Universe

How long the unsullied light of a sinless universe and the unbroken joy of myriads of unfallen ethereal spirits continued is unrevealed in Holy Scripture. It may have been an indefinitely extended period. Ages upon ages of blissful harmony may have been enjoyed by the Creator and the sin-free creature before the dawn of time, when in eternity past “a thousand years” were “but as yesterday when it is past, and

as a watch in the night” (Ps 90:4).

The pristine bliss of millions of pure spirits of light ecstatically worshipping and loyally serving their Maker was still unmarred when earth’s cornerstone was laid. On that memorable occasion, as a new sphere of magnificent beauty was hung in starry space, “…the morning stars sang together, and all the saints of God shouted for joy” (Job 38:7). There was not an inharmonious voice to diminish the exquisite adoration that was rendered the Creator of this new resplendent world as it came forth fresh from His creative hand. Not a shadow was cast upon that joyous dedicatory scene.

The new orb, floating in space, surrounded by myriads of celestial spirits celebrating its creation, was the subject of so much jubilation not only because it was another product of the Creator’s omnipotence but also because it was to be the abode of some of God’s created beings. “For thus saith Jehovah that created the heavens, the God that formed the earth and made it, that established it and created it not a waste, that formed it to be inhabited: I am Jehovah; and there...

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