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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 115:457 (Jan 1958)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Theology Of The New Testament. Volume II. By Rudolf Bultmann. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1955. 278 pp. including indexes. $4.00.

In this second volume, Professor Bultmann presents part three and part four of his studies in the theology of the New Testament. Part three discusses “The Theology of the Gospel of John and Johannine Epistles” and part four deals with “The Development Toward the Ancient Church.” Though a thorough disciple of German liberalism and foe of theological orthodoxy, Bultmann presents in this volume as in previous publications his own brand of theological liberalism, in many points unacceptable both to the conservative and liberal scholar. Like the conservative, he finds the Gospel of John a product of the first century later than the Synoptics, and independent of Pauline theology though closely related in substance to the teaching of the Pauline epistles. Like the liberals however, he denies that the Fourth Gospel was written by John the apostle, and, though he pays close attention to the actual teaching of the text of Scripture, he treats it as only the theological expression of the human author’s beliefs rather than a divine revelation.

Though quite unacceptable to Protestant orthodoxy, Bultmann, unlike many modern liberals, finds that the Bible teaches in the main what conservatives believe, but attempts to “demytholize” the Scripture and remove its supernatural element, its inspiration, and its inerrancy. It is a book intended for scholars and as a representative liberal work will undoubtedly be given recognition by students of contemporary theology. The close of the volume features an extensive bibliography, index of Greek words, index of New Testament passages discussed, and a subject index.

John F. Walvoord

Indebted To Christs Resurrection. By C. W. Gault. Pageant Press, Inc., New York, 1956. 237 pp. $3.00.

Here is an unusual compilation of valuable material on the resurrection of Christ. Corresponding somewhat to an anthology, the author has chosen carefully from famous authors of the past and present weaving the whole in a unity which presents in detail the resurrection of Christ and the postresurrection ministries up to His ascension. The evidence for the literal resurrection of Christ is massively supported by the best of scholarship and written in such form as will prove most usable both for lay students of Scripture and ministers of the gospel. Those seeking a fresh approach to the resurrection of Christ will find this volume an invaluable addition to their existing library. Though the main purpose of the volume is to present the evidence for

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