Periodical Reviews -- By: James F. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 116:461 (Jan 1959)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James F. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James F. Rand

Albright, William F., “Return to Biblical Theology,” Christian Century, 75:47:1328–31, November 19, 1958.

One of the world’s greatest authorities in the field of Biblical archaeology brings us up to date on the place of the Bible in modern Christian thought. “To sum up,” he writes, “we can now again treat the Bible from beginning to end as an authentic document of religious history. Innumerable clarifications of the text greatly improve our understanding especially of the poetic books. No translation which has yet appeared gives an adequate idea of the increase in our knowledge of Hebrew grammar, vocabulary and poetic style. It must be emphasized, however, that vindication of the historicity of the Bible and clarification of its meaning do not involve an uncritical belief in ‘verbal’ inspiration and do not support an ‘orthodoxy’ which insulates the Bible from the real world of today. The Bible must be judged as literature and history by exactly the same canons as we use in studying similar nonbiblical literature, but not by arbitrary standards imposed on it by dogmatic liberals or conservatives. Extreme views are alike unsatisfactory; the truth lies in the middle.” This is an important article for Albright has an important message for liberal scholars as he shows that current archaeological and manuscript studies have vitiated many of their previously dogmatically held positions. Conservatives will find it a fair assessment of the values of recent Biblical and archaeological studies.

Allen, David A., “Our Church Grows through Visitation,” Moody Monthly, 59:1:18–21, September, 1958.

In 1944 the Calvary Baptist Church of Hazel Park, Michigan, had a Sunday School average attendance of 130; twelve years later in 1956, they averaged 1850. How did they do it? The answer is to be found in this article which demonstrated how that a program of layman-inspired visitation revitalized the entire Sunday School program of the church and enabled it to reach its neighborhood for Christ on a large scale. Pastors will want their laymen to read this article to catch the inspiration which will vitalize their visitation programs.

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “Bishop Oxnam’s Testament; an Appraisal of the Beliefs of the Controversial Churchman,” Eternity, 9:10:19–21, 34, October, 1958.

This article will do much to clear up the controversy over the beliefs of one of Methodism’s chief spokesmen. For Barnhouse combines in a heart-rending article a

review of Oxnam’s latest work, A Testament of Faith, an account of personal interviews and co...

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