Periodical Reviews -- By: James F. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 117:467 (Jul 1960)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James F. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James F. Rand

Christian Periodical Index.

For years an index to the more popular Christian periodicals such as Eternity, Moody Monthly, and Sunday School Times has been an unfulfilled need. Now the librarians of the various Bible institutes and Christian colleges organized as the Christian Librarian’s Fellowship have issued an annual index to selected Christian periodicals, listing the articles by subject. This index will find wide use among religious libraries. It should also prove helpful to the pastor who subscribes to any of these periodicals. To date indices for 1958 and 1959 have been produced at $5.00 per year or $8.00 for the two years. Further information may be secured from the librarian of the Buffalo Bible Institute, Buffalo, New York.

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “Adam and Modern Science,” Eternity, May, 1960.

This article is certain to produce controversy for in it the author makes concessions to science which many, including this reviewer, will refuse to accept. Barnhouse seeks to hold on to the Biblical doctrine of the creation of man and at the same time fit it into the framework of evolution as presented by science. Indeed, he reveals that he is following the current trend of trying to accommodate the teachings of the Bible to science, thus making the latter more authoritative than the Scriptures. Note these quotations: …Men have built a model for the existence of the universe. The model, now on exhibit in all the schools of the world, is called evolution. It is not the same model that Darwin created in his Origin of the Species. It has been extended, re-designed, repaired, modified, altered and changed so that it is now different in nature, shape and substance. But it is a smooth, plausible model, and it is so operationally good that it will stand until some other model that works better shall be brought to light….The fact is (and there is no harm to confess it), that we Christians do not have a model that will synthesize the findings in nature and the statements of Scripture. And until we do, we have to be careful about pulling down the scientific model that is functioning so well in all the laboratories of the world. We do not have a better one. We live in hope that a better one will be forthcoming, but it has not yet been advanced. Am I throwing over the traditional interpretation of the creation of man? Most certainly not. But I am confessing that there are many problems for which I do not have any answers.” Any evangelical who has devoted any thought at all to this subject will likewise confess that there are many problems for which we do not know the answers. But is it necessary for us to have a system which will harmonize the Scripture with the teaching...

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