Periodical Reviews -- By: James F. Rand

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 118:469 (Jan 1961)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: James F. Rand

Periodical Reviews

James F. Rand

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, “Always It Is God Speaking,” Eternity, November, 1960.

It is altogether fitting that one of the last articles to come from the pen of Dr. Barnhouse is this staunch defense of the inspiration and authority of the Scripture. The opening paragraph sets the tone for the whole article. “For the Christian the Scripture is the supreme court from which there is no appeal. This teaching is not popular in our day. Ecclesiastical leaders and theologians alike discount the appeal to the Bible as final authority even while paying lip service to orthodox statements concerning the Word of qod. Theologians are often worse than administrative leaders, because they exhibit positive blasphemy at times in their attitude toward the Bible.” The author sharply distinguishes the believer’s attitude toward the Scriptures from that of the liberal. “As a follower of Christ, I submit to the Bible. It judges me in all things and its judgment is final. But the liberal subjects the Bible to himself.” The article is a slashing attack on liberal interpretation of Scripture which often accuses the human author of Scripture in his use of the Old Testament in the New to be “juggler of Scripture,” an accusation which results in making the Holy Spirit himself “a juggler of Scripture” since He is the real author. The article is concluded by these moving words. “One of the greatest leaders of the Church of England, Bishop Ryle of Liverpool, wrote: ‘Give me the difficulties, rather than the doubt. I accept the plenary, verbal theory of Biblical inspiration with all its difficulties and humbly wait for their solution. But while I wait, I am standing on the rock. “It is written.”’ Recently I ran across a Bible which I used when little more than a boy. On its flyleaf I had written the following: ‘Scripture is throughout from God; Scripture is entirely from God. The Bible is God speaking in man; It is God speaking by man; It is God speaking as man! It is God speaking for man; but always it is God speaking.” It is certain that Dr. Barnhouse will long be remembered for his staunch adherence to the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures.

The Issue Joined

One of the areas in which there is a need to stand upon thie authority and inspiration of the Scriptures is that of science, creation, and evolution. There is no place where the position of many evangelicals is more inadequate than in their attempts to harmonize the teachings of evolution and those of Genesis. They tend to weaken the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scripture because of the problems they face. Irwin Cowperthwaite writing in the June, 1960, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation in an article entitled...

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