Periodical Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 120:478 (Apr 1963)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Periodical Reviews

Albright, William F., “Toward A More Conservative View,” Christianity Today, January 18, 1963.

The steady movement of one of the most distinguished Semitic and archaeological scholars of this generation toward a “more conservative” position is a phenomenon which has long fascinated conservative Biblical scholars. Although Dr. Albright’s conservative position is still unacceptable to many conservatives, it is noteworthy to read in this interview article his opening statement: “My position still remains in the middle—equally far from extreme conservatives and from extreme liberals. I am still growing more conservative on questions of date and authorship, historical background, and so forth, having moved considerably farther to the right, but I am even more strongly ‘liberal’ on general problems of the history of theology, the use of evidence, the impossibility of man’s being able to formulate ultimate theological doctrines in human language.” Dr. Albright takes the position that the Bible is historically trustworthy and that a reference in the Biblical narratives to a historical event is “presumptive evidence of historical facticity.” “In many cases, however, archaeological confirmation or illustration is necessary before we can understand the historical meaning of Biblical naratives or allusions.” However, it is interesting to note that he is not prepared to give full acceptance of the doctrine of verbal inspiration. In the judgment of this reviewer, Albright has probably traveled further toward a conservative position in Biblical scholarship than most nonconservative scholars but there yet remains much more land to be conquered before he would reach a position acceptable to Bible-believing Christians. Reading of this article is an education in itself as it demonstrates how far liberalism has traveled since the blatant days of the 20’s and 30’s.

Eicher, E. C., “Present Day Syncretism,” Reformation Review, January, 1963.

In an address at the fifth plenary congress of the International Council of Christian Churches, the author vigorously warns against one of the most dangerous trends in ecumenical Christianity today—syncretism, the placing of pagan religions on an equal status with Christianity. American Christians are not aware of this trend on the mission fields where the erasing of the lines of difference between

such religions as Islam and Christianity is a goal of pagan religious leaders and liberal Christian missionaries. Mr. Eicher, who is president of the Middle East Bible Council, cites various conferences and statements to demonstrate the truth of his conviction that the whole missionary structure is be...

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