Periodical Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 120:480 (Oct 1963)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Periodical Reviews

Fuller, Daniel P., “How Modern Theologians Interpret The Bible,” Eternity, September-October, 1963.

The basic criteria for determining the validity of any theological system is its attitude toward the Scriptures, accurately defined and evaluated in relation to Biblical evangelicalism. The dean of the Fuller Theological Seminary in an incisive two-part article exposes neo-orthodoxy to this criteria. “On the contemporary theological scene,” he writes in his opening paragraph, “there are three men whose ways of interpreting Scripture comprise the main options in the current theological debate. These are Rudolph Bultmann with his program of demythologizing the Scripture, Karl Barth with his Christological interpretation, and Oscar Cullmann with his understanding of the Bible as the sequence of redemptive history. As much as these men may disagree with one another, there is one thing they have in common: their present positions stem from a revolt against 19th-century liberalism.” Liberalism has its seeds in the credo of the enlightenment that man’s powers are competent to acquire all desirable knowledge, even the knowledge of God. All three of these men rejected this credo and turned again to the Scriptures. “But as the full scope of their thinking has become evident in subsequent years, they have obviously disagreed as to what should replace it [Liberalism]. Each desires to understand New Testament faith as that which confronts man from without, but they differ regarding the presuppositions by which one should come to understand this New Testament faith.” The reader will be able to evaluate accurately these modern-day options to New Testament faith through this article written by one who has studied in Europe under all of the men whose systems he exposes.

Hitt, Russell T., “The New Pentecostalism: An Appraisal.” Eternity, July, 1963.

Probably no article has aroused so much controversy as this informative analysis of the new tongues movement which has penetrated to an alarming degree old-line denominations, seminaries, and colleges. Hitt’s calm, dispassionate discussion of the movement, both in its antecedents in Scripture and the present day phenomena, brought a storm of letters, many in protest, in later issues of Eternity. Hitt is to be commended, however, for an exceptionally informative article

which presents the teachings of Scripture, the experiences of many who have claimed to have had the experience of speaking in tongues in recent months, and then seeks to evaluate the movement in the light of Scripture. What one letter writer said about this article is true. “A superb example of New Testament dialogue! While ju...

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