Periodical Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 121:483 (Jul 1964)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Periodical Reviews

[John A. Witmer, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Acting Librarian, Dallas Theological Seminary.]

“Teenager Today,” Moody Monthly, June, 1964.

“A complete, self-contained magazine-within-a-magazine” is the way Moody Monthlys Teen Focus section for June is described. Teen Focus has been a feature section of Moody Monthly for many years; but this pull-out kangaroo gimmick, this two magazines for the price of one stunt is a new wrinkle which reflects the ingenuity of Moody Monthlys leadership and their genuine interest in the Christian young people of our world. The 28-page section entitled “Teenager Today” separates from the rest of the magazine to form a youth magazine of its own. It will also be available in reprint for mass distribution to youth.

The articles hit the major interests and problems of Christian youth and are geared to their thinking and slanguage. Careers come in for consideration, as does the ever-present problem of sex. Christian convictions are discussed by Lehman Strauss, personal communion with God by Bob Cook, and Christian witnessing by Carl Bihl. Other interesting features fill out the removable section, which includes the advertisements of the Christian institutes, colleges, and seminaries. The success of this innovation is well deserved.

King, Louis L., “Where Are The Missionary Candidates?” United Evangelical Action, March, 1964, pp. 11-12, 26, 32, 41–45.

The need for missionaries continues to increase, not decrease. Many mission boards, as a result, are having difficulty finding enough missionary candidates to meet their demands. These are facts which this article sets forth. It also makes it clear that the Protestant church population today is producing and supporting five times the missionaries it did in 1911. The shortage is not due to failure, but to not keeping pace.

King’s questionnaire survey of missionary agencies revealed a shortage in quality of missionary as well as quantity. From his report the blame lies primarily with the training institutions. Without question a careful self-examination is necessary by the schools, but careful self-examination also is necessary on the part of missionary agencies.

The article was disappointing in promising so much from the survey conducted and delivering so little. King was content to spend most of his time reporting on his own experience and the success of the agency he heads.

World Vision Magazine, March, 1964.

With this issue this missionary publication sports a new, arresting...

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