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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 124:494 (Apr 1967)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The New Scofield Reference Bible. C. I. Scofield, editor. New York: Oxford University Press, 1967. xvi + 1392 + 192 pp. + maps.

After ten years of labor by a committee of nine men, each recognized for his sound Biblical scholarship and unreserved commitment to the historic position of the Scofield Reference Bible, the fruits of their work are now at hand. It is now fifty years since the annotated Bible, which first appeared in 1909, was revised by its editor. In the light of the added wealth of material available to help in Biblical interpretation from textual studies, archeological discoveries, and from the contribution to the understanding of the Scriptures made by several generations of Biblical scholars, a revision of the notes was deemed necessary. The work that they have accomplished will greatly enhance the usefulness of the edition of the Bible which has already brought more students into a knowledge of the Word of God than any other single volume.

The text used in the new edition remains the King James Version of 1611. However words that are archaic, obsolete, or so altered that they no longer convey the original idea have been changed into modern English. A simplified system of helps for pronunciation has been added. Each book is prefaced with an introduction and an outline. An analysis is provided by subheadings contained within the text itself. A more detailed analysis is provided than in the previous edition, which will be of benefit to the student. The new edition affords a vastly expanded marginal cross reference system. The references are in a center column in the Old Testament. Two side columns were used in the New Testament so as to contain the references. A concise concordance (200 pages) is appended.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the Scofield Bible has been its explanatory footnotes, which explain difficult passages, define the important doctrinal words, summarize the major doctrines, and trace the important themes of Scripture. Few of the original notes have been deleted. Many of the original notes have been expanded and

enlarged. Numerous notes have been added by the editorial committee to this edition. A new feature relates the note to the specific reference in the text to which it applies. In all the changes and additions to the previous edition, the committee has been motivated by a desire to conform to the thinking and position of the original editor.

In the generations since the Scofield Reference Bible originally appeared, there have been many clarifications, expansions, and refinements of the dispensational interpretation of Scripture. These have been included in the new edition. This present work is not so much a...

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