Preaching to Combat the Present Revolution -- By: William Ward Ayer

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 124:495 (Jul 1967)
Article: Preaching to Combat the Present Revolution
Author: William Ward Ayer

Preaching to Combat the Present Revolution

William Ward Ayer

If the Lord tarries, young men now preparing for the ministry will be preaching for at least twenty years in the most complex revolutionary period that has been seen in modern times. This revolution is not like the many political upsets of Europe and South America. Today’s arising is world revolution. It is not like America’s revolution in the latter part of the eighteenth century, though traducers are trying to say that the racial revolution and the Chinese revolution and other mob and criminal movements are replicas of what took place on this continent in 1776.

America’s revolution was conceived and conducted by highly intelligent people who did not, as do modern revolutionists, seek to tyrannize the people, but rather sought the liberty of the masses. Our constitution shows the purpose of the American Revolution: to give freedom to the people and to put the authority for government in the hands of the people through properly elected representatives.

The revolution now taking place all over the world and developing rapidly in America is destroying the constitutional rights of the many by putting more and more authority into the hands of a special few. Taking advantage of our corrupted society, whose mind is occupied by inferior matters, an all-powerful national establishment moves into greater and greater power over the lives of the masses. So for years to come the gospel minister will face the task of preaching amid growing hostility to God’s truth not only concerning personal salvation but also regarding world programs.

The so-called liberal clergyman rejoices in the transition. The liberal dotes on relevancy and is usually willing to “sell the truth to serve the hour.” He launches out on the turbulent mainstream of national affairs, throws Biblical theology overboard, and hilariously shouts, “I’m relevant!”

The Bible-based preacher is dedicated unalterably to the preaching of the Word. Today and for years to come he must courageously and uncompromisingly present the whole counsel of God to his hearers. Therefore, he must give considerable study to discover what today’s revolution really is.

Nature of the Present Revolution

1. The revolution is social—really socialistic. It is definitely Marxist-Communist conceived, Communist backed. In spite of Marxist claims to improving society, its purpose (oft repeated in its manifestoes) is not to eliminate the evils in today’s society, but to destroy completely existing order and set up another order—atheistic, brutal, authoritarian, totalitarian.

The educational prog...

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