The Christian Home Part II -- By: Gene A. Getz

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 126:502 (Apr 1969)
Article: The Christian Home Part II
Author: Gene A. Getz

The Christian Home
Part II

Gene A. Getz

Sociologists and psychologists who approach marriage and family relationships from a purely naturalistic frame of reference believe that this important social unit, as we know it today, has resulted from a process of evolution. To them all the rules, regulations, and ideals set forth for successful family living have been ground out of the mill of human experience. The theory is that the more we know of man—his psychological makeup, his tensions, his concerns—the better we can solve family problems.

Consequently, never in the history of the human race has there been more written on the subject of marriage and family living. Never before has the home as a social unit been the subject of so many scientific investigations. Marriage counselors are legion, and child guidance clinics are on the increase. Knowing these things, apart from a realistic view of the world in which we live, would lead one to believe that problems in the home must surely be decreasing year by year as man discovers more and applies his wisdom to our social ills.

But such is not the case. Those who have carefully studied the family are the first to admit that the home is a disintegrating social unit in the American society. They note with alarm the need for reform, but their words are like “sounding brass” and “tinkling cymbals” to the ears of most people.

The thinking Christian sees these problems as serious, for he sees in the home the strength of the nation. He realizes that marriage and family living have not evolved but have been instituted by the Creator of the universe. He also knows that the family unit must run according to God’s rules—His laws as found in the Holy Scriptures. Though psychological knowledge may contribute to an understanding of the family’s

problems, only the Word of God has ultimate and lasting solutions.

There are many problems and concerns in family living which are treated in the Word of God. However, the Bible says more about children—their nature, their training, their problems—than any other subject related to the Christian home. This in itself speaks of the importance of child life.

This article is devoted to some of the most significant teachings in the Scripture regarding this area of family living.

I. Children Are from God

When Eve gave birth to her first son, Cain, she testified, “I have gotten a man from the LORD” (Gen 4:1). The miracle of birth is a gift of God. Every child born into this world is a testimony to His marvelous handiwork.

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