The Missionary of the Seventies -- By: George W. Peters

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 128:509 (Jan 1971)
Article: The Missionary of the Seventies
Author: George W. Peters

The Missionary of the Seventies

George W. Peters

[George W. Peters, Professor of World Missions, Dallas Theological Seminary.]

Advance Through Storm. Missions in Crisis. Missions in a Revolutionary World. Missions at the Crossroads. Commission, Conflict, Commitment. The Uitlander in No Mans Land. As Christians Face Rival Religions. Revolution in Missions. Yankee Go Home. The Unpopular Missionary. Such are some of the recent missions titles. They tell their own story but they do not portray the whole story. They tell the impact of our present situation upon the realist-pessimist, but they do not indicate the experiences of the realist-optimist. This writer views missions as being in a time of unprecedented opportunity. This view is more scriptural, factually more accurate, spiritually more uplifting and historically more wholesome.

Before turning to the subject, this writer would like to emphasize the biblical authority and practical certainty of the abiding validity and responsibility of the missionary calling of the church of Jesus Christ until the end of our age. Let us lay hold of this truth with all tenacity and persistence. The time is not now, nor will it ever be until Christ returns that missions is outdated or that we are living in the post-missions era. There is no post-missions era in the New Testament for the time of the church. To the contrary, the very commission which has loosened and sent thousands of men and women into the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ does not permit us to accept a post-missions era. Our Lord Himself assures us that He will be with the going ones until the end of the age. Clearly this implies that as His presence is assured to His own until the end of the age, so His commission is valid, authoritative, and binding upon His church until the end of the age.

It is my firm conviction that a careful exegesis of the words of John 20:21, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you,” definitely establishes the fact of the abiding validity, authority and responsibility of the missionary calling of the church of Jesus Christ. The same conclusion may be reached by a diligent study of Paul’s emphasis in Romans 1:5; 11:25; 15:15–18. He knows he is bound to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among the nations until the “fullness from among the nations” will have been called out. This leads him to the end of this age.

The above truth is experientially substantiat...

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