Book Notices -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 128:511 (Jul 1971)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Theology of the Liberating Word. Edited and introduced by Frederick Herzog. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1971. 123 pp. Paper, $2.75.

Frederick Herzog is professor of Systematic Theology at Duke University Divinity School. He has selected four articles for reprint here from Evangelische Theologie, a leading German theological periodical which is in its thirtieth year. The authors of the articles are Eberhard Jüngel, Hans-Dieter Bastian, Hans-Joachim Kraus, and Hans Conzelmann. These essays are offered “for American reflection in the hope that the radical issues of the present debate are grasped more fully as reaching from continent to continent.”

R. P. Lightner

The Opaqueness of God. By David O. Woodyard. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1970. 160 pp. Cloth, $5.50; Paper, $2.65.

This is a helpful introduction to the competitive doctrines of God offered by a variety of modern theologians (Barth, Bultmann, Bonhoeffer, van Buren, Ogden, Buri, Pannenberg, and Moltmann). Omitted from the analysis is the only option which truly balances God’s opaqueness with His transparency due to divine self-revelation: the personal transcendent theism of biblical evangelicalism.

F. D. Lindsey

The Living God. By R. T. France. Downers Grove, IL: Inter-Varsity Press, 1970. 128 pp. Paper, $1.50.

This is not a theological tome but rather a series of essays on what the Bible (mainly the Old Testament) teaches about God. Stress is placed upon a person-to-person relationship with the living God. This little book contains more truth about God than many recent books on the subject of God combined.

F. D. Lindsey

Why Not Creation? Edited by Walter E. Lammerts. Nutley, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1970. 388 pp. $7.50.

The subtitle gives an accurate description of the contents of this book: Selected Articles from the Creation Research Society Quarterly, 1964–1968. These are technical high-calibre articles arranged under such topics as radioactivity, catastrophism, paleontology, social evolution.

C. C. Ryrie

A Christian Introduction to the History of Philosophy. By Francis Nigel Lee. Nutley, NJ: The Craig Press, 1969. 249 pp. Paper, $4.50.

Much of this volume is a standard treatment of philosophy’s development through the ages. Three chapters, however, deserve special attention as unusual contributions in this type of general survey: Pre-Babelic Philosophy (From Creation to the Origin of the Nati...

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