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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 129:515 (Jul 1972)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Church Union—A Laymans Guide. By Robert P. Lightner. Des Plaines, IL: Regular Baptist Press, 1971. 163 pp. Paper, $2.75.

This book seeks to inform the average church member concerning the ecumenical movement as it exists today in the light of its history and its goals. The position of the author is that of a critic and an opponent of the contemporary ecumenical movement, and yet he deals fairly with the material he presents. A number of helpful appendices are provided which lists the member churches of the various cooperative organizations. The subject index is an invaluable aid to the contents of the book.

J. A. Witmer

The Idea of God: Philosophical Perspectives. Compiled and edited by Edward H. Madden, Rollo Handy, and Marvin Farber. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 1968. x + 181 pp. $8.50.

Four major addresses, eight commentaries, and four replies to comments from a symposium at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1967 are published in this volume. The contributors represent diverse viewpoints and the discussion ranges over a wide spectrum of philosophical-religious topics centering on the question of the meaningfulness of God in the twentieth century. For the student of contemporary theology, the most significant address is probably “The Possibility of Theism Today” in which John B. Cobb, Jr. attempts to justify theism á la the process philosophy of Whitehead.

F. D. Lindsey

Great Verses Through the Bible. By F. B. Meyer. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1972. 469 pp. $7.95.

F.B. Meyer, the world-renowned Bible expositor and pastor, though “being dead yet speaketh” through scores of his devotional commentaries and biblical biographies. Formerly published as Our Daily Homily, this devotional commentary on key verses throughout the 66 books of the Bible will continue to bless God’s people in both the home and the study.

F. D. Lindsey

The Doctrine of God in Jewish Apocryphal and Apocalyptic Literature. By Henry J. Wicks. Reprint of 1915 edition. Introduction by R. H. Charles. New York: Ktav Publishing House, 1971. xi + 371 pp. $14.95.

An analysis of the doctrine of God as contained in Jewish apocryphal and apocalyptic literature of the two centuries before Christ and the first Christian century, this book is divided topically into chapters on “The Transcendence of God,” “The Justice of God,” and “The Grace of God.” Students of the inter-testimental period will find this volume helpful.

F. D. Li...

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