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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 131:523 (Jul 1974)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Theres A New World Coming. By Hal Lindsey. Santa Ana, CA: Vision House Publishers, 1973. 308 pp. Cloth, $4.95; paper, $2.95.

The famous author of The Late Great Planet Earth and Satan Is Alive and Well On Planet Earth has done it again in producing what he calls “A Prophetic Odyssey,” a popular exposition of the book of Revelation.

In a familiar, easy-to-read style, written in the language of the street and the campus, Mr. Lindsey has expounded the book of Revelation. He does not claim that it is an exhaustive or critical study, and he makes no attempt to satisfy learned critics. What he does produce, however, is an easily understood exposition of a book of the Bible which is difficult for most readers to understand. Thousands will read this book with appreciation because of its popular style.

In general, the book follows the familiar premillennial, pretribulational pattern of Lindsey’s earlier books, and in most respects it corresponds to interpretation of the futurist school which regards the book of Revelation as largely prediction. The book answers many difficult questions and takes a literal view of future great earthquakes. plagues, wars, and famines. It paints a lurid picture of two satanically dominated, future Antichrists, one a political leader and the other a religious leader. The author supports the view that Israel will rebuild her temple and will survive her trials in the end time even though a nuclear holocaust will occur. This is a book to be read by Christians as well as unbelievers and will undoubtedly be instrumental in leading thousands to Christ as his other books have done.

Careful students of the book of Revelation may differ with Mr. Lindsey on some points. He does not make a satisfactory distinction

between the great tribulation lasting only 3½ years and the seven-year period leading up to the second coming which he describes as “the tribulation.” Actually, the Bible never describes the entire seven years as a tribulation.

The reviewer holds that the entire section from Revelation 6–19 records events of the last 3½ years and does not deal specifically with the first 3½ years of the final seven-year period. Mr. Lindsey’s view, that seven years is described, however, has much support from other expositors, and he is not alone in his interpretation.

Lindsey also makes the 144,000 Jews to be evangelists, although the Bible never declares that their role is that of evangelism. Many others, however, share his view. In order to make his odyssey understandable and complete, in so...

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