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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 136:544 (Oct 1979)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Periodical Reviews

“A Consistent Christian-Scientific View of the Origin of Life,” Duane T. Gish, Creation Research Society Quarterly 15 (March 1979): 185-203.

Gish and all other scientific creationists readily admit “that any process that…involves the intervention in any way of a supernatural being is not subject to the scientific method of observation, hypothesis, and test” (p. 185). The affirmation that God is the Creator of life, therefore, is not scientifically observable or testable. It is, as a result, a statement of faith, not of scientific fact.

In presenting their case against evolutionism, scientific creationists insist on two points. First is the fact that evolutionism’s explanation of the origin of life is as much a statement of faith as is creationism’s, because it likewise is not scientifically observable or testable. Gish declares, “No theory on the origin of life can be subjected to the scientific method of observation and test” (p. 186). This point lies at the heart of the creationists’ demand that creationism be presented in textbooks and public classrooms along with evolutionism.

The second point, which Gish develops at length in this article, is that the origin of life “cannot be accounted for by natural processes and natural laws now operating on planet Earth” (p. 185). As a matter of fact, proved scientific principles of thermodynamics and kinetics and probability considerations “will demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that it [the living cell] could not have arisen spontaneously over any length of time by naturalistic mechanistic processes due to properties inherent in matter” (p. 185). Gish’s studies of the problem forces “the conclusion that the origin of life by naturalistic processes can be dismissed with as much confidence as are schemes for the construction of perpetual motion machines” (p. 185).

Gish concludes that “‘In the beginning God created’ is still the only valid statement that can be made concerning the origin of life in the Universe” (p. 202).

“The Bible—What Is Meant by Calling It Inerrant?” Stephen W. Payne, Christian Cynosure, Spring, 1979, pp. 6-14.

“The Ongoing Struggle over Biblical Inerrancy,” Clark H. Pinnock, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 31 (June 1979): 69-74.

The International Council on Biblical Inerrancy at its Chicago summit meeting (October, 1978) invited discussion, dialogue, and debate on the inerrancy issue and on the Council’s statement in the spirit of Christian love. The American Scientific Affiliation accepted that invitation, devoting the editorial and three articles in this issue of the organization’s journal t...

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