Book Notices -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 137:545 (Jan 1980)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

C. S. Lewis on Scripture. By Michael J. Christensen. Waco, TX: Word Books, 1979. 120 pp. $6.95.

This book is a brief but good survey of a well-known Anglican layman’s view of C. S. Lewis. It will come as a shock to many who love Lewis for his apologetic, devotional, and ethical insights to discover that Lewis believes that the Bible contains probable errors, contradictions, myths, and even “devilish” teachings. The author correctly acknowledges that Lewis’s view that the Bible “carries” the Word of God “comes close to a neoorthodox position…” (p. 58). The real shock, however, is that the author positively recommends Lewis’s view as the answer to the present “battle for the Bible.”

N. L. Geisler

The Search for Salvation. By David F. Wells. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1978. 176 pp. Paper, $3.95.

This is an informative volume dealing with contemporary approaches to the doctrine of salvation. All of the major views are surveyed. The book will be especially valuable for the student studying soteriology. There is an abundance of documentation throughout this recommended volume.

R. P. Lightner

Who Is the Antichrist? By John L. Benson. Schaumburg, IL: Regular Baptist Press, 1978. 127 pp. N.p.

The answer to the question in this book’s title is that the Antichrist is the second beast of Revelation 13, the false prophet, the willful king of Daniel 11:36. He is not the leader of the western alliance of nations, nor the first beast of Revelation 13. The Russian destroyer is equated with the Assyrian (Isa 10:5), the little horn of Daniel 8, and “Prince Rosh” of Ezekiel 38. Detailed and stimulating arguments for these and other

viewpoints are given in the book, though not all will agree with the conclusions.

C. C. Ryrie

Frontiers of Theology in Latin America. Edited by Rosino Gibellini. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1979. 321 pp. Paper, $9.95.

This book may be described as a more mature anthology of Latin American liberation theology. Thirteen men contribute essays, all but two being Roman Catholic.

Gutierrez’s and Vidales’ opening essays state the basic tenets of liberationism clearly. Boff, relating liberationism to the life and ministry of Chris...

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